"I manage a lot of crap" doesn't sing on a resume
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Can I get specific, heartfelt, recommendations for high quality resume writing services? Would also work with an individual (i.e. not a service) if someone has really strong personal knowledge of someone who rocks at this.

Have not gotten any attention to my resume on my own.

I feel unfocused and also like my skill set is both overly broad and overly particular. It is not a bad resume, and my writing skills are actually quite good, but I'm not selling it.

I live in a rural-ish area but work for a major company in a satellite office. My salary is therefore high for my area and hard to recreate without living in a real city. My industry, one with a long and storied history, is rather publicly imploding. I need some serious help. Roughly, "online stuff", "PR", "Communications", "operations", "analysis". I'm currently responsible for significant policy decisions. I don't feel like I have to stay in my industry, I feel like I'd be a good fit for a lot of things, but I am at sea and starting to panic just a little no wait a lot.

Also I'm kinda sad because I loved my job. That's a digression, but it's not like I'm thrilled to be having to do this, so it might factor into what appears to be a certain malaise appearing on my resume.
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Before you pay somebody you might check with the Mefi resume editing volunteers .
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I very recently encountered this problem, too. Regarding the malaise, I feel that. I wasn't getting many hits on my resume (see below) and that didn't help. I found overhauling my resume (with some external help!) to be very rewarding. It lifted my spirits and helped me remember just how much I have accomplished. It felt awesome!

So how do you condense several years of "I do just about everything" into something cohesive and interesting, and get your point across in less than 2 minutes? I'm considered a pretty good writer, but my usual format wasn't getting many hits. My boyfriend gets many compliments on his resume, so I took his lead. Stick with me here, with some outside help I found rewriting my own resume to be super rewarding.

At the top, my keywords are broken out into protocols, software, and industry-specific keywords. Next is my summary and mission, where I spell out in one sentence who I am and what I do:

I live at the cross-section of everyday people and the technology and software they use.

I have a clear, concise goal:

My goal is to enhance the day-to-day operations of a team, product, or company with improved organization, increased documentation, and the right amount of process. I aim to provide knowledgeable, accurate, and friendly service to my peers and customers. I boost confidence and quality by gathering and disseminating knowledge through training sessions or informal mentoring.

Next are my achievements. The advice I received here was to list what and how you've done, instead of just responsibilities. I have 7 of these, also rearranged based on the role I'm applying for. For example:

Made technology thoughtless: Enabled meaningful work by acting as the in-house helpdesk, purchasing new hardware, managing software installations, researching solutions, and deploying network hardware, IP phones, and printers.

...which sounds better than "Configured network hardware, IP phones, and printers."

Following is my traditional "work history," where much of the same information is repeated in bullet point format. This is helpful for automated systems which might not parse your Achievements section, and to show where and how long you've worked.

Lastly, education. I've removed this from my resume since I lack formal education beyond high school and instead focus on my experience, what I've done, and how I've done it.

A bit of an essay, but hopefully the examples help. If you'd like, I can forward you my resume. It took about a week to get the base format down. Once that's done, you can tweak it as necessary. Hang in there! Take this time to remember what you've accomplished. Best of luck!!
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Perhaps you're just being circumspect, but it sounds to me like you need more clarity about what you want to do next and, given your rural location, possible target organizations. It sounds like you're still in mourning for your industry/job, and not knowing the above makes a tough task even harder.
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It seems like there are probably other things that you need to unpack in terms of the malaise and figuring out exactly what you want to do...but I'll answer the specific question you asked.

I had a really good experience with Resume to Interviews and so did my SO. Worth every penny. Cover letter service too (I ended up customizing my CL a lot but it gave me a good framework to start with).
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