Challenges, Puzzles and Courses in Maths, Logic and Computing
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I'm looking for challenges, puzzles and "teach yourself" courses that involve maths and logic, probably related to computing. Ideally I'd like a curated source (mailing list or regularly updated website), but perhaps the best we can do is collect them here. Inside I will give examples of what I mean by "challenges, puzzles and courses".

Thinly-veiled recruitment is fine, but I am looking for something more that online education (like Coursera). There should be a puzzle, challenge or competition aspect, and it has to be free to enter.
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Rosalind, for learning bioinformatics.

The Rosalind websites website also links to similar projects.
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The Little LISPer is a textbook for learning Lisp via questions/puzzles. (Similar: The Little Schemer, The Little Prover)

Martin Gardner wrote a column on mathematical puzzles, and there are books that collect his work.
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Response by poster: i think hack this site probably meets my requirements too (hey, it's my question).
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IBM Research publishes monthly puzzles. For example, this month's challenge:

"Find a formula to convert the 52 EBCDIC letters into ASCII using no more than 4 operators."
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Also, the top post on HackerNews right now is Stockfighter, which launched today. Apparently it's somewhere between a CTF and a stock market simulation.
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HackerRank has a wide range of programming problems in many domains, from introductory ones good for learning a language, to the competitive challenges and contests.
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Advent of Code, Over the Wire and Smash the Stack.
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Try Codingame
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This is a little outside of what's your looking for, but consider trying some LSAT practice tests, specifically the logic games.
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