Looking for an LA based lawyer and accountant
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Can anybody provide a referral to a lawyer and/or an accountant with experience advising small businesses (internet based) in the start-up phase? I'm located in Los Angeles in the South Bay area.

I'm starting a service company with a major web-based component. I'd like to talk to an accountant to figure out how to get all my accounting ducks in a row, and I'd like to talk to an attorney to figure out what type of company structure would be best for me, and to develop a waiver, explore the possibility of an eventual trademark application, and whatever other legal requirements I need to address, but don't know that I need to address.

Can anybody provide any referrals? Also, more generally, what types of questions should I ask when selecting either of those types of people?

I asked this question once before, but the timing was bad, and it scrolled off the page before very many people in my time zone had a chance to see it/answer it. To address the one answer I got in there, I have spoken with a SCORE counselor who was helpful, but who directed me to seek out additional legal and accounting advice.

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If you're still coming up blank, you can give me a call. I'm a CA lawyer, but do patents and not general business stuff. spacewrench (at) gmail.
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Try searching on lawyers.com - Martindale Hubbell listing. Find someone with an AV or BV rating. Good luck. If you have any more questions, my email's in my profile (I'm an IP lawyer in IL).
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