Telescope or binoculars for a elderly man that has one good eye?
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My 75 year old father really enjoys looking across his fields at the wildlife with a pair of binoculars. He has one "good" eye and I have actually seen him get out a rifle with a scope on it to get a better look at what he sees across the field with the scope. My question is what would be a good instrument such as a telescope or something else to get him with his limitations with having one good eye? I did get him some Celestron SkyMaster 20x80 Binoculars for night time star gazing which he seems to enjoy. Any suggestions are welcome.
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Do you want to get him something else to look across his fields at the wildlife? Get him a spotting scope. Possibly with a tripod. Not sure what you're looking to spend here, but generally, optics prices are pretty rational -- you generally get what you pay for, and more money will often (though not always) get you more clarity and brightness.
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At the risk of this being obvious, monoculars are things, with a wide range of goodness and price and features.
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Seconding spotting scope. They're like a binocular, but monocular. Celestron makes some really good ones.
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I came here to suggest a spotting scope, but craven_morhead beat me to it. Anything with moderate to high power magnification will be a lot easier to use with a tripod.
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Definitely a tripod and spotting scope. Eagle Optics is a good mid-range brand. Zeiss and Swarovski are the most expensive and best brands.
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The customer service folk at Eagle Optics are, in my experience, really knowledgable and helpful and won't try to sell you the most expensive thing. Give them a call!
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I'm curious- the 20x80 binocs you bought him can't be handheld, so I presume he has a tripod for those? Wouldn't this be a serviceable solution? For those with a view (and two good eyes) there is no substitute for large binoculars. The drawback is they're large to have hanging around on a tripod near the window. But this would also be true of a spotting scope- it pretty much needs to sit there on a tripod all he time. Another more pricey solution- Canon makes some higher end binoculars which have electronic optical stabilization which are excellent. I have some 15x60s which can be used hand held by pressing the stabilization button- they're amazing for night skies or daytime terrestrial use-they're essentially a telescope-power binocular power that can be handheld.
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