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We have a Liftmaster 2000sdr and while the opener itself works fine, neither of our wireless remotes can get a response anymore.

It's not the batteries (we checked them and the lights on the remotes still light up when we push the button), and the wired button still works fine. I would just buy a replacement remote but we haven't been able to find ones that work with our model.

We also tried unplugging the opener overnight then plugging it back in but no dice. Are we doomed to replace the opener even though it works? We're up for tinkering a bit but weren't sure it'd be worth it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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Best answer: I assume you've tried re-programming the receiver (opener) and it still doesn't work? If not, try that first.

If that fails you still have options. I had the same problem earlier this year. Bought a new motherboard on Amazon, installed it (just two cables, but turn off the circuit breaker first!) and it programmed fine. Cost about 80 dollars and was much easier than replacing the entire works.
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It's not the batteries (we checked them and the lights on the remotes still light up when we push the button)

Regardless, I'd put a new battery in one of them and see if that works. An almost-dead battery can light the LED on the remote, but not have enough juice to transmit more than a couple of feet, if at all.

I'd also check and see if the receiving antenna is intact and still connected to the board.
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Did both remotes stop working at the same time or did one die before the other? If one of them died and the other was still working, than that strongly suggests the "almost-dead battery lighting the LED" hypothesis. If both of them failed at exactly the same time, than that suggests that there's something up with the opener. Either way, I'd try replacing the batteries first (since it's easy), but this might help you diagnose the problem.
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Did you recently change the light bulbs in the opener to CFLs or LEDs? I'm seeing a similar problem with my opener after replacing the incandescents with LEDs. Here's a manufacturer stating that they've seen problems:
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