Looking for televsion clips that feature a variety of family dynamics.
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I'm reading A Raisin in the Sun with my high school class. I'd like to show them clips from various televsion shows that display the humor, drama, and complications that come from being a part of a family. YouTube links are amazing. Thanks!
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Family Ties?
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Bob's Burgers. Early Simpsons. Roseanne.

Brady Bunch
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You want family dynamics, you want Gilmore Girls.
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2nding bobs burgers. Try this clip of Bob remembering his childhood and sharing it with his wife and kids.
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Showing segments from Revisit the Loud Family might be an interesting lesson.
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If you don't mind including the concept of chosen family and want to include some non-white folks (both of which your students might well appreciate), the Fast and Furious movies always deliver:

- the Fast Five BBQ scene: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLtRVENHxb0 (there's a couple of cuss words, so your mileage may vary depending on how forgiving your district is)
- the guys find out Mia is pregnant and decide they have to work together: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=31wejJ3Vpiw

... and I just saw you said TV shows; I've been grading all day. Nonetheless, they'd made for good discussion. :)
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Many parts of The Middle mirror my life growing up. The family interactions are extremely on point for my lived experience, to the extent that I've wondered whether the writers had bugged our house with cameras. Sibling interactions (both the fights and the sweet lovey parts) all ring true to me.

Also it's a funny, modern show so the references won't annoy or confuse your students.
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It's hardly A Raisin in the Sun, but I think The Goldbergs is frequently spot on in capturing family dynamics.
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Parenthood does it well.
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Not television, but The Incredibles.
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Rick and Morty. Not the rosiest picture of how to be in a family, to put it mildly, but it's definitely a show with a lot to say about family. The first thing that sprang to mind reading this question was the 1st season episode Raising Gazorpazorp.
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Methinks Modern Family qualifies.
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Friday Night Lights.
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The Royle Family
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Everybody Hates Chris
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Another vote for The Waltons. Maybe this closing clip?
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Sounds like an excuse to bimgr-watch The Mary Tylerr Moore Show.
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Grace Under Fire depicted what are, in my opinion, very real family dynamics. A very short clip:

There are many more available on youtube.
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Modern Family.
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