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Question about Magellan RoadMate 300--

Last February I purchased the Magellan RoadMate 300 (I'd never do that again). In July I sent it back to the manufacturer because it powered off-- wouldn't turn on at all. They "fixed" it and sent it back, without any documentation about what they "fixed." I still couldn't get it to turn on, so I sent it back. Again, they sent it back without any documentation. Last weekend I had to reinstall the maps. As I was loading the software it said something to the effect of "do you want to continue? This may contain something harmful to your computer?" So, I drove to Circuit City (where I purchased the product) and asked the tech guy-- he said "by all means press continue. It's just a legal Microsoft disclaimer."

So I installed the software (just like I had in February), and now the DVD player doesn't work-- Windows Media or InterVideo. Is this a complete coincidence or my fault for trusting the Circuit City guy?
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Umm, I'm guessing you were installing a driver of some sort? The Windows "You could 'splode your computer by installing this driver" is just a message to tell people that the developer didn't bother goign through the bullshit "certified for XP" process with Microsoft. Plenty of perfectly good drivers can be installed without worrying about that message.

Having said that, there's a very good chance that the software you installed did bork your dvd playing abilities. I've found that an XP computer's ability to play DVDs can be destroyed quite easily. Have you tried re-installing InterVideo?
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Unrelated to the computer issue... I went through two Magellans before I gave up and got a Garmin. I would highly recommend those instead. Magellan not only makes horrible products, but their customer service is AWFUL.
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Response by poster: agree 100% re the customer no-service!
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