birthday gift for 5 year old nephew
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Hi All, I would love some help with a birthday gift for my 5-year-old nephew, whose birthday is right on the heels of the holiday season!

Hi All,
I would love some help with a birthday gift for my 5-year-old nephew, whose birthday is right on the heels of the holiday season!

For Chanuka, I am getting him a fossil kit of a sabretooth tiger, so he can dig for the fossils (his requested gift), and a sabretooth tiger stuffy.

For his Dec 26 birthday, I am hoping to get him maybe some art supplies or something science-y. He has SO MUCH STUFF--toys, stuffies, books, the I want the stuff to be relatively simple, but also birthday-worthy, if that makes sense.

I am open to all suggestions. He loves all of the aforementioned things (including art, like drawing/coloring, painting, clay, and science). He also likes music and has a guitar.

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Someone recommended this digital microscope on here the other day and I ordered it for my kid along with 2 sets of $12 slides.
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Perhaps something from the Smithsonian's online shop? I also saw this book in passing in a bookshop and thought it looked great - I think it would suit a sciencey kid who also likes art and bright colours.
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Lego. Get him lego!!
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My kid's 5th birthday is Dec 19 so I feel your pain. Steve Spangler Science has lots of fun and consumable kits, as well as lots of experiments you can try at home without buying anything.

I've also had good success with just going to the art supply store and picking up a cardboard or papier-mâché box and some random art supplies so he can decorate his own treasure box.
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Does he live near anything that could be an experience gift? Tickets to a science museum or zoo? Sleepover at an aquarium or something like the La Brea Tar Pits (LA)? Something you could take him to like an amusement park?
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My 5 year old would happily get Lego for every gift at every gift-giving occasion. There are also some cool "Lego Ideas" type books that might be a good bet (or lego-related accessories) if your nephew is anything like my son.
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Response by poster: These ideas are great; keep 'em coming!
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I was exactly this kid (my birthday is two weeks after Christmas) and nothing ever made me so happy as Lego.
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I recommended the digital microscope before, so I'll second that here. Lego is also a good bet.

If his parents are interested in supporting his Lego habit, is a great website where you can enter the sets you have and they will show you instructions for other things you can make from those parts (some are official Lego sets and others are things people have come up with). It's a fun way to get extra use out of sets.
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Best answer: For a sciencey idea, we're getting our 5yo the Snap Circuits Jr kit for Christmas and I'm pretty sure it's going to be a big hit. It's a simple electronics kit with a light sensor, a (volume-adjustable!) siren and a flashing light. It says it's for kids a little older, but I'm pretty sure a tinkery five year old with some basic supervision would be able to manage it.
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Response by poster: These were all terrific answers! Thank you I think we will go with Snap Circuits Jr.
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