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Hi all, I'll be googling this but I'd prefer advice from the Green. I need a simple, stable Javascript based WYSIWYG editor. Requested features inside.

We're using Redactor right now, and it's pretty awfull. They might have fixed some of the bugs in the new versions, but I don't trust them not to mess something up while fixing a bug.

* We're not doing anything fancy - just email text. I don't need tables or editing inline css or anything like that.
* Would be good if it has a reasonable API so I can hook up a few custom function (internal tags, thing like that).
* I'll be prettifying the HTML on the backend, so the output style is not too much of an issue, but I would prefer it to be somewhat intelligent as far as not inserting empty tags, random unicode characters, etc.
* Hopefully it can handle pasting from Word pretty well.
* Free is great, paid is OK.

Anyone have any suggestions?
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Best answer: CKEditor is my usual choice. It's free, and you can configure it to present fewer options (e.g. no tables).

It's very extensible.

I've always found the output easy to work with.

It has a "paste from Word" button, so it tries to handle Word formatting intelligently, but I'll admit I haven't tested that much.
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I have not used it, but I have bookmarked Trix to look at the next time I need a rich text editor. I have used CKEditor before in the past, it was fine.
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I've used CKEditor and TinyMCE. They're pretty comparable.
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Response by poster: I promise not to threadsit (after this), but we need to support IE8+ and tables, so while Trix looks really cool, not sure that would work. Thanks though, @ndfine.
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I haven't used it myself, but my co-worker who supports our CKEditor-based feature curses it all the time and is currently looking for a replacement. He's not here today, so I can't ask for details, but I know he hates it...
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TinyMCE is ok, but is kind of a pain to configure, especially if you want to more carefully manage what tags users can put in. The paste from word in the open source version is not the best, but it works.
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I haven't used it for anything major, but wysihtml5 looks like it might work for you. You might also find this list of alternatives to Redactor useful.
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I'm a fan of summernote.
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