Subtitled Yoga Videos?
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I'm interested in trying out yoga! I'm an inflexible beginner, so I'd like to start with videos (either online or DVDs). I'd rather not pay a ton, so free/inexpensive is preferred. There's just one hitch -- I need English subtitles/closed captioning. Google turns up loads of yoga videos but I can't tell which, if any, have captions. Any suggestions?
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Best answer: Here's what a quick look at amazon turned up.

I want to caution you that it is tough to do yoga and look throughout at a screen. Your head and eyes just won't be in position. I'd actually suggest you take a beginner's yoga class instead. If you are in a groupon served area, there are a lot of coupons that make this quite affordable. Don't worry, most everyone else is inflexible too!
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Best answer: My public library has yoga DVDs to rent. It's low risk to see if they have closed captioning. There are also dozens of yoga for beginners DVDs on for around a dollar apiece . Rodney Yee's might be a good option.

That said, I really recommend trying to take a class when you're a beginner. You can really hurt yourself, or just not get very much benefit, if you do the postures incorrectly.
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Best answer: This one is aimed at hard of hearing viewers, and has captions. Also a few recommendations on a sparkpeople thread.
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Best answer: I like Yoga with Adrienne on youtube - I just checked a few random videos and they have CC available.
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Best answer: Youtube can generate somewhat accurate (and often hilarious) CC for most videos. It's an option you can turn on or off by clicking the CC button in the bottom right hand corner of the video pane.
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Best answer: I just did a search for "Deaf Yoga" (are you Deaf/ hard of hearing?) and quite a few videos came up- some of them might be useful for you.

That said, I have to echo that a.) doing yoga while watching a screen is difficult and b.) trying yoga for the first time without a teacher is not really recommended.

Maybe you can try an inexpensive class nearby? There is a yoga studio near me that offers several $6 "community classes" every week. You could let the teacher know about your hearing issues before class.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone (best answers for all your helpful comments)! It looks like doing a class for my first experiences with yoga is recommended, and then maybe videos after that, so I appreciate all of the suggestions! The Deaf Yoga is especially a good idea -- I don't know why I didn't think of it myself (I am hearing-impaired). Namaste!
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