Where can I find a special kind of European chocolate bar?
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ChocolateFilter: I'm trying to find a delicious kind of candy bar from Europe that they only produce during Christmastime.

Milka (the big Austrian chocolate bar maker), makes a special holiday bar flavor called Spekulatius. I was addicted to it back when I studied abroad, and it's pretty much the best thing ever. I can't understand most of the foreign sites that might sell it and all the US sites turn out not to have it. None of the shops that sell Milka seem to stock it. Anyone know a good place to get this awesome European chocolate?
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I'm guessing the sites are in French/German? Find someone who speaks the language.

Amazon seems to have some results, but not in that mix. Keep an eye on them, see if some pops up closer to the time.

Alternatively, you might try and find "nationality" shops in your area - e.g there's a British Grocer near where I live, so see if you can find a Swiss/German/French equivalent.

Finally, any friends/family going to be in Europe soon? Ask if they can pick up a couple of bars.
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From my searching (about fifteen minutes' worth), I get the strong impression that the candy bar's been discontinued. I hope I'm wrong.

I'll check the local "European Foods" store to make sure, though.
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It appears that Milka is now owned by Kraft. You might try contacting them, though it's a longshot.
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Response by poster: interrobang, I know it still existed as of last year, friends who were overseas told me they were still selling it. But it's possible it's been discontinued since then. Which would make me inconsolably sad. They were amazing chocolate bars.

Thanks for the suggestion, djgh. There are lots of gourmet shops that carry Milka, but not that kind, but I hadn't thought to call the one German specialty store I know of in the area. I'll definitely give them a call.
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Milka was still around in Europe in September. I can't imagine they'd discontinue it, it's a major brand. But if they have, that's awful - I love the stuff...
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This is the official Kraft press release on their Austrian site with images for the winter versions of Milka chocolate for 2005. I don't see it in there...
Here are their general chocolates...not there either.
It is mentioned in this undated news release that says it will be available for a limited time starting October, but it might be an article from last year.

Same results on the German version of the site, where I also found a list of products for this winter. It's not there. It really seems to be discontinued.
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What a bummer ... you could always call your local World Market to see if they had / have any inventory from last year.
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Response by poster: Aw man. My day is ruined. Oh well, thanks for the detective work, guys.
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I don't think it's discontinued, it's listed on Kraft Austria's website here.
You might be able to order it online here
but shipping to the US is around 40 Euro and for some reson it is only available in the German version of the site.
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Best answer: This sounds like speculous (sp?) cookies dipped in chocolate. Maybe you don't know the cookie? IIRC they are thin cookies, typically with a windmill imprint. I am, *cough* speculating about that. I think you could find the cookies in the States, and dip them yourself. There's nothing special about Milka chocolate itself.

alternatively, you would likely find something similar from Belgium, where they dip a lot of simple cookies in chocolate. My partner is nuts for that stuff (he's Belgian).
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It's mentioned here on a US shop - "Complete selection of Milka's delicous flavors - from Alpine Milk Bars to Spekulatius" - but if you click it's not actually listed... Perhaps you could write and ask them if they will stock it again?
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Response by poster: Good call, Goofyy. I do think they're just speculoos ('spekulatius' = German word for 'speculoos'?). There may be some Belgian or Dutch brands that make similar things. I also like your idea of just buying the speculoos myself and dipping it. Yum!
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I'm specula-, guessing they might be like Brussels cookies from Pepperidge Farm. Crispy-thin, dipped in dark choc — what's not to like‽
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