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Looking for the most luxurious, pampering gifts...

You are a late-20s, early 30s lady
You have a high stress job where you sit a lot
You like spas, massages, baths, quality products--jewelry, makeup, clothes
You like home-y things like board games, movies, tv shows
You like nerdy things, too--like video games, star trek, etc
You also love good foods--a nice restaurant experience, a really tasty jar of jam...
You are not a partier.
You don't like sports

What have been the gifts that have given you the feeling of the most luxurious or pampering experience? Or what are the gifts that add a little bit of luxury to your everyday?

I know everyone has different definitions of luxury/pampering, which is why I mentioned all that above. I have a friend who is all those things, and her birthday is nigh
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I'd be stoked if someone got me Jam of the Month from this lady or something similar.
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Exquisite chocolate.
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My Nespresso machine. I can have a delicious latte or cappuccino within 3 minutes anytime I desire one for less than $1. Best postpartum purchase ever for feeling like a fancy human.
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You don't give a price point, so I'll just say that my down comforter from LL Bean is the most luxurious thing in my life. It's bliss.

There are also a few really good AskMes on this subject that I can't link to on my phone, but they're among the top of all time if you know how to navigate infodumpster.
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I think nothing beats a certificate to a spa. If that's too dear, I'd try going to Sephora and asking for help selecting a great gift. Lush has some great gift boxes right now too. Really nice candles are luxurious too. You're a good friend!
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OH OH OH. Gatorae reminded me. I also have a milk foamer. I now roll out of my blissful bed and have delicious coffee filled with cafe-level foam. Heaven.
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Super high quality sheets.
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Do you live somewhere cold? Do you have an electric mattress pad warmer? That is the thing that makes me think "I am fancy and take care of myself" every single night from October - May.
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A super fancy bathrobe.
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High quality (actual) truffle oil.

A woman whom I know also enjoys high-quality marijuana, and a vape can help shift smoking from hobby to luxury, or so I am told. Whether or not your friend would also enjoy high-quality marijuana is something that is best sussed out before proffering it as a gift, or so I am told.

If she enjoys photography, a really sharp macro or other specialty lens can be nice, as they're often things that are a joy to use but hard to justify spending money on.
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Really large, really fluffy towels to use after you get out of the bath strikes me as a very nice everyday luxury item considering how often you'd use them.
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Lush bath bombs or bubble bars are the best thing ever.
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Lavender toothpaste from Italy.
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Bliss High Intensity Hand Cream.

It's so good, especially in winter.
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Teuscher champagne truffles.
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A gift certificate to an outstanding cheese shop. I tend to use gift cards to buy things like underwear and water filters, so it was really nice to have no choice but to spend that money on amazing, expensive cheese.
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I usually have to sort of sneak pampering in, or I won't do it - a posh face serum does it for me. (Seeing one on the shelf prompts me to take the extra minute or two to use it, and massaging it in winds up being accidentally meditative.) Hard thing to get right, though - maybe a gift certificate from Sephora.

2nd bedding-related stuff; my pick would be a kick-ass mattress topper, if she doesn't already have one.
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Banila Co. Miss Flower and Mr. Honey Cream (review) Ingredients List

MIZON Returning Starfish Cream

These two creams are all the rage on the /r/AsianBeauty subreddit, which focuses on Asian skincare products. It looks sublime, and it's packed with tons of actives. There are tons of info on other pampering beauty products (both skincare and makeup) on that subreddit, if you want to go down the rabbit hole.

I would also get Guylian Seashell Chocolates, since those are the highest quality seashell chocolates and they are amazing.
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Regular blowouts, massages, and/or manicures.
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Get a silk comforter, preferably Chinese since they invented it

I sleep with one every night, and now I sleep terribly if I don't have a blanket like that. I think that's luxury...
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Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse

This wool comforter

Godiva Dark Hot Chocolate

You can't have too many silk nightgowns or cashmere sweaters.
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I don't know you, and yet I think I might be your friend. How odd is that?

My favourite decadent little treat is pate de fruits. They're like little bites of the most intense jam imaginable and they are pretty expensive so I don't tend to buy them for myself. There are probably very excellent sources wherever you are, provided that wherever you are is a major city, but if you're like to order over the internet I'd recommend Michael Recchiuti and Thomas Haas if you are in the US or Canada, respectively.
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I asked something a little bit similar a few years ago about Affordable Luxuries and got some great answers.
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Vaguely on the pampering theme, I find the board game Dixit to be quite relaxing and inspires a sort of thoughtful state in me/the people I'm playing with. It's fairly well-known these days in the board game circles, though, so might need to check if she already has it.
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Get yo'self to a Korean Spa (preferably a Ladies only version) stat!

They are incredible!!
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A quality set of pajamas (matching top and bottom; embroidered crest optional)

Shearling lined slippers

Good honey, tea, scotch, etc. Actually my fantasy luxury is to order that Russ & Daughters breakfast basket where they overnight you bagels, lox, babka, etc. and have the laziest most decadent morning at home for no particular reason.
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Response by poster: Oh, these are all fantastic!! Thanks for all the suggestions so far, keep 'em coming! I can't wait to go shopping :)
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Take a bath and slather your body in gorgeous L'occitane almond bath products while you treat your face to a Glamglow facial and read some trashy Tudors historical fiction by Diptyque candlelight (I am pretty fond of the vanilla scent which has a touch of sexy sandalwood mixed in).

Then, put on your badass Natori caftan and lounge around like the inner Mrs Roper that you know you are.
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Ooh you totally described me. The best gifts like this I have received are:
cashmere socks
high thread count sheets
scented soy candles
truffle oil
Scandinavian wool felt slippers (also another time, proper sheepskin ugg boots)
thick woven pure wool blanket
a sample pack of lots of different flavoured olive oils and vinegars
really nice hand lotion (the specific scent is pretty individually dependent, so you need to know what they like)
bath salts in a pretty glass jar
home-infused liqueurs
home-made chocolate truffles
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A subscription to Birchbox or similar.

Muddy (milky) bath salts: 1, 2.

I replaced all my lightswitches with motion sensing dimmers and now it feels like my house is taking care of me! -- but there was a lot of upfront work there, so maybe not unless you're up for installing them.
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Blood orange cologne.
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Honeycomb Sea Sponge feels like heaven! I have the 6 to 7 inch size and just adore it.

(did not purchase from this store, linked only for info)
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I feel like everything I've ever bought that isn't the softest throw made of the plushest faux fur ever feels cheap the minute it leaves it's box.

Seriously, the feeling of the most incredible faux fur against your bare skin...nothing can top how luxurious that feels. Maybe long underwear made from silk but just get both.
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Getting my car washed/towel-dried.
Upgrading my seat on a flight.
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Diptyque candles
Ugg shearling slippers
Cashmere scarf
Any luxury brand sampler sets (perfume, tea, hair care, etc)
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A gourmet food tour in my own city
A session in a sensory deprivation float tank
A night in a hotel in my own city, ideally with room service breakfast included
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Your friend be me. Voluspa candle, a bunch of blush peonies, a bottle of Veuve rosé champagne, a tub of Lush's Turkish Delight body smoothie, and a giant box of chocolates from La Maison du Chocolat.
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Toto Washlet toilet seat!
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Candles, candles, and more candles. Or diffusers if you're concerned about fire safety. My recommended brands, in ascending price, include Voluspa, Nest Fragrances, Diptyque and Jo Malone.

If you don't have it already, get some nice warm mood lighting for your living room or bedroom.

Also, upgrade your hand soap and body wash to something pleasantly fragrant. EO has great scents and is not that expensive. Most of the fancy candle brands also make scented soaps if you wanted to go really high-end.
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Anything from Aveda. Great quality products. Aroma heaven!
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Korean facial beauty products. Cloth face masks are huge right now.
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A friend of mine who sings recently gifted me a box of her favorite throat lozenge candy things: Grether's pastilles. They are surprisingly good and... helpful? I get hoarse easily and I've noticed that having one of these before and after a long talk seems to help my throat recover quickly. That might be wishful thinking, but they're also very tasty (I linked to the blackcurrant ones, but they have other flavors).
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+1 on candles and diffusers. For candles, my favorites are Diptyque (Baies is my all-around favorite, and they have holiday/winter scents as well) and Jo Malone. This past year, I bought a diffuser from Muji and it is my new favorite thing. You add water and a couple of drops of essential oil and it wafts the scent into the room. It also has a timer and turns off automatically if it's knocked over. Perfect for clumsy people like me.

Fresh has beauty products are lux and small amazing. The rice dry oil feels great post-shower or bath and you smell like you went to a spa.

A heavy throw blanket would be essential to fully cocoon during binge watches. This one from Restoration Hardware looks fancy and does the job well.
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Food: Jamón ibérico de bellota

Pampering: anything from Lush, especially the bath products.
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Dood. Would so get the boyfriend shirt from Kule, go home and then burn these thingies after i dismantle the fire alarm..
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