Removing Fragrance Smell from Wool?
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I tried some free-sample of underarm deodorant and it had a freakishly strong scent that I just can't get out of two pieces of wool clothing I wore during the trial. I've tried Eucalan soak, regular wash with a natural, gentle detergent and I can still smell the stuff. I've read that dry-cleaning wool doesn't necessarily remove odors--any other suggestions would be appreciated.
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A sun bath for a couple days? Doesn't cost anything and it can't hurt.
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Try a cold vinegar soak followed by a regular hand wash with Castille soap or Ivory soap followed by drying in sunlight.

Failing that, try SOAK.
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Try a mix of bicarb and vinegar in water.
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Simple Green. If it can get out the smell of cat pee, it should be able to handle this.
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Can you sprinkle it with baking soda, let it sit for a few hours, then brush or vacuum it off? That works for my wool rug... might not do well if it's a dark color.

I have also heard that spraying fabric with vodka and airing it out will work. If it doesn't, at least you can make yourself a martini to compensate!
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Vodka, as hippychick mentions, totally works! I just used this on the armpits of a dry-clean only dress and I have used it on wool sweaters successfully. I buy cheap vodka for this very reason. Here's a link with details: Using Vodka to Deodarize Dry Clean Only Clothing.

The alcohol smell will go away along with the smell. :)

I'd be careful with Simple Green, it has such a strong scent itself it might end up clashing pretty spectacularly!
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we managed to get funky deodorant smell out of Spouse's wool t-shirts with a vinegar soak. no vinegar smell afterwards. shirts otherwise unchanged.
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came in to say vodka or vinegar
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Febreeze unscented (sometimes marketed as Allergy Reducer).
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Oxygen bleach kills odor really well and won't mess up the color. Try soaking the garment in the sink and scrub the underarms with a paste of water + oxy bleach.
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I'm a huge fan of Atsko Sport-Wash. It's a detergent (safe for delicates and technical textiles) that is specifically designed to remove scent. It's used primarily by hunters who don't want to tip off prey with their BO and athletes with stinky Under Armour. If vinegar doesn't do it, Sport-Wash will. I've washed my merino wool baselayer pieces in Sport-Wash literally more times than I can count; if your woolens can get wet, this is your answer.
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Another fan of the Atsko Sport-Wash, also sold as Sensi-Clean (same exact formula). I have a lot of merino base layer pieces and they only became totally odorless when I switched to Sensi-Clean. LOVE IT. No scary chemical trickery, either--it's just a no-residue detergent, whereas Tide etc. are formulated to leave all kinds of shit in your clothes (brighteners, conditioners, etc.).
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