Parody search: Obi Wan tells Luke what really happened in the prequels
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I'm trying to track down a Star Wars parody where Obi Wan and Luke are on Dagobah, and Obi Wan is explaining all the ridiculous backstory according to the prequels.

I know this seems google-able. I have dug through every star wars parody on youtube trying to track this down. I feel like I originally saw it around 2010 or so.

Maybe it's not on youtube, maybe it was a short bit for an awards show owned by a network.

I don't remember all the jokes. I think midi-chlorians come up. The final punchline is about how Luke's mother died, where Obi Wan looks ashamed and says, "of... a broken heart."

I feel like it wasn't original footage dubbed, but actors, so it at least had some budget. (College Humor? VH1? I looked at the robot chicken parodies, but I don't think it was action figures, I think it was people...)

This is driving me crazy, it's like it's been wiped from the internet...

Help me Ask MeFi, you're my only hope!
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The full text of the robot chicken one is here; it doesn't have the "broken heart" line and it's Luke and Vader, not Obi-wan.
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Sorry, better link here.
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The bit you saw most likely came from one of Robot Chickens 3 parodies, 1 each for Star Wars episodes 1-3. They range from 24m to 45m long.
IMDB: episode 1
IMDB: episode 2
IMDB: episode 3
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Response by poster: It was definitely a similar gag to the robot chicken posted by town of cats, but longer, and live actors, not action figures.

I remember seeing them both...

This one was definitely set on a mockup of the Dagobah set, as opposed to that one with Darth Vader.
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