looking for a recording of the song "Run Run Run (through the sunlight)"
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Hi, mefi! I am looking for a song (ideally a recording that I can listen to) called "Run Run Run". It was in an elementary school music textbook in the mid-eighties, but I have currently found only one mention of it on The Web, on this page.

If I recall correctly, the lyrics of the chorus were:
Run run run! Through the sunlight!
Run run run! Through the snow!
Run run run! Don't be UPtight!
Run run run! Freedom go!

These were very frisky and bouncy in kind of a seventies way, like someone had been paid to invent a knockoff-kids-music-textbook-version of the "I'd Like To Buy The World A Coke" song.

There was also a verse, but it was much less frisky; I recall kids in my class sounding almost dirgelike as they tried to sing it. I think a lyric may have been "If you have eyes then you can use those eyes to see" or something. Don't quote me on that, the verse is less clear in my memory.

Any help tracking down this awful song would be appreciated! It's been in my head for nearly three decades now
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Response by poster: Here's what I remember of the melody kind of
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It’s a longshot, but Irwin Chusid at WFMU is an outsider music specialist, and he broke the similar-sounding Langley Schools Music Project [wiki]. Maybe contact him and see if he has any leads?
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