How do I "back that thing up?"
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What's the best and easiest way to back-up the memory on my computer.

I'm heading to Europe and let's say the unthinkable happens and my laptop is lost or stolen while it's away with me, I want to have everything safe-n-sound back home.

I'd like to have something that could even stay connected to my computer while I'm at home and update the contents of my computer every night.

Any good suggestions?
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What you need is an external hard drive. They connect to your laptop via USB or Firewire. I like the Maxtor brand because they have a good replacement policy.
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All (30+) previous AskMe questions regarding backup.
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1) Friends don't let friends buy Maxtor, anecdotal evidence says Maxtor drives are much less reliable than Western Digital or Seagate. At least that's my experience

2) Yes, you need an external drive.
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Assuming you're backpacking (based on your previous question), you're going to want a light, mobile solution. You don't need a full backup of apps and everything, just the docs and emails you've created/received/modified on your trip. Unless you're taking a lot of digital photos, a thumb drive should have plenty of capacity. Just don't store it with your laptop, keep it in your pants pocket or something. Another possibility, assuming you've got a CD burner in your laptop - burn your stuff to CD and mail it home once a week. Finally, if you're going to have regular internet access from your laptop, look into FolderShare (free) which will keep designated folders on your laptop in sync with your desktop back home. Also see this thread ... never mind, blag beat me to it.
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Why such a variety of pricing on these hard drives? Are some more reliable than others? Here's that Phantom 80gig for $49 at
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Friends don't let friends buy Maxtor

That's funny, in my anecdotal experience Maxtor drives are very reliable. The one dead one that I've ever come across they replaced for free even though I had absolutely no documentation on it, just the serial number (I didn't even buy the drive, I inherited it because it didn't work). At work (university IT) we have a wall of labels that came off dead WD drives. I guess you could combine our negative experiences and go Seagate.
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1. Concur with the "Don't touch Maxtor with a barge-pole" sentiment.
2. It's worth nothing that "memory" and "storage" aren't the same on computers and getting the correct terminology will help you get the correct answer. "Memory" is the RAM in your machine which is lost when the machine is switched off; "Storage" is the hard-disc which should be backed up regularly. Definitely get an external drive. Definitely don't get Maxtor.
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Handy Backup is a great product, incredibly cheap, and will do everything you want it to. It backs up my couldn't-live-without personal and business files into a USB memory stick each night, taking only those files I've updated over the course of the day.

I actually found it in the answer to a previous AsKMe thread on computer backup.
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sounds great, is there the equivalent to Handy Backup for Mac?
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Other notes:

Seagate, at least, now has a 5-year warranty on many drives. That may be worth something to you.

If money really matters, you may be able to save a bit by finding an internal hard drive (ideally on a good rebate deal) and putting it in an external enclosure, thereby putting together your own external hard drive. (That's what I recently did to back up one of my internal drives.)
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FWIW I have never (read: zero times) had a problem with a Western Digital drive. Even old, old old drives. The first HDD I had in '96 was a 1.5 gig WD drive, and last time I tested it, it still worked.

I have had buttloads of problems with Seagates, Maxtors, Quantums, etc. Last time we had a drive crap out in our lab Dell I specifically told the repair rep that I would not accept anything as a replacement that didn't have the WD logo on it. They actually listened (they fucking better have, third drive we had to replace within a two-month period on new systems!) The short answer to brands I guess is to buy something you trust, and hopefully don't learn to avoid a specific brand through experience. Back up in more than one place if it is really critical.

I like the idea of mailing home a CD once in a while, but it could get expensive. The FolderShare option could be a much better solution if you can count on finding an internet cafe with free access.
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I'd suggest looking at some of the online backup solutions, e.g. Mozy
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