Video Camera Always Records but Only Saves the Last X Minutes When Told
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Are there any video cameras (action cam, body cam, goggle cam, etc) that can be set to always capture video (storing the last X minutes to a temporary buffer), but only record/save the best moments when you tell it to?

Preferably something with a decent battery that can record all day.

On the other hand, I'm probably inventing a new class of technology, so if there are no solutions that exist currently, are there any other simple solutions that can capture all of life's moments but easily save only the best moments (the most fun and humorous moments with my family) when signaled to do so (e.g. "Save the last 5 minutes")?

As an optional side question, would you find such technology valuable in your own life?
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Check out the Manything app. It can record for long periods and show you clips of any action/movement. You may be able to edit the video saved in the way you describe.
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essentially you want a dash cam with a better battery. cool thought: dash cams will record and loop making tons of adjustable lenght (anywhere from 5 seconds to 5 minutes) sequential clips. if you press a button or it's gyro senses an impact it will mark those files before, during, and after as not to be written over EVER until eventually the drive is full.... so if you had a better battery you could just whack the dashcam every time you wanted it to save what just happened.
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Some ultrasounds can do this, so someone has written the software anyway.
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this camera works like that, afaict.

("loop recording" is what you're looking for).
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If I understand correctly this may be accomplished with EvoCam on the Mac, but you don't mention what platform (Windows, OS X, iOS, etc). I have used EvoCam for years and years and it has many features including sensors for movement, daylight, etc. I use it to take a snapshot every 30 seconds, and automatically create a new time-lapse for each day. I assume this can be done with video snippets too. I do know that it can be set to sense motion and then record for how long you tell it too, and then it can upload to a website or email the movie to you.
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