food for a picnic at Storm King Art Center (New Windsor, NY)
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I'm planning to go to the Storm King Art Center (in New Windsor, NY) on Friday. I'd like to eat something delicious for lunch while I'm there or before I go. I can bring it from Manhattan (or anyplace in the city, I guess), but I would have to buy it the day before on Thanksgiving. Or, I could eat near the museum or near my hotel in Monroe.

I'm already planning to go to Dominique Ansel Bakery before I drive out for Thanksgiving dinner with the family. They're open on Thanksgiving, but they have a limited savory menu and I'm not sure that anything is really built to travel.

Some specific things that seem like they'd work well: a chicken parm sandwich. Or maybe some other kind of sandwich. Whitefish salad and a bagel. Roast pork. Alternately, fried chicken.

I'm willing to consider options in any borough.

Either way, I'm trying to not compromise the food for the art. If I transport something from the city, I'd like it to be from somewhere I might go even if it weren't Thanksgiving and I had the whole city to choose from. If I eat near New Windsor or Monroe, I want a restaurant that might inspire me to drive an hour even if I weren't planning to go to Storm King.
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Probably too late to respond. But what about getting delicious bread and making an incredible post-Thanksgiving turkey sandwich, leftover pie, etc. I'm not sure about restaurants in the area. The picnic option will give you more time to spend at Storm King.

Tomorrow will be in the low 60s, so eating outdoors is a definite possibility. Quick note: picnickers need to eat in the picnic area and can't just put down a blanket anywhere. I believe there's also a cafe now on the grounds.
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Storm King does have an cafe, which I think is outdoors. I had their vegetarian chili at a concert earlier this year and it was so great, I went back for seconds. It looks like their cafe is still open, but maybe call to double check. Menu is here:
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