Are there progressive children's books in Russian?
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I have been looking for some time online to try and find children's books in Russian that are "progressive" with no luck.

By progressive, what I mean is: not homo- or trans-phobic, racist, reinforcing of extreme gender roles, etc. Are these books out there? They can be translations or bilingual books (I have an animal and fruit series of those). Many of my childhood books carry forward the themes listed above that I do not want to pass to another generation! Thank you!
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Are you looking for books that have an actively progressive message or just do not contain the aforementioned negative themes?
posted by unicornologist at 6:50 AM on November 26, 2015

Great question - I think both work for me - a progressive message would be amazing but I am mostly wanting to promote Russian reading/language learning without the misogyny, etc. Thank you!
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