How do I research a person's time in Iran?
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My Armenian great-uncle lived in Iran 1918(ish) to 1952(ish) and I'd like to find out more about his time there.

This is a follow-up to this question from earlier this year.

My uncle was Haig (often Hayg) Toroyan, an Armenian of Aleppo, Syria, by way of Arapkir, Turkey. In 1914-5 he accompanied a German officer down the Euphrates and witnessed many massacres. Some of his eye-witness testimony was published in France around 1918. He ended up in Tehran in "exile" (family lore, not certain how precise that word is) until he was older. He returned to Aleppo around 1952 and died there two years later.

He's regarded as a hero in our family. I finally found his testimony after decades of searching by various family members. I am in touch with the man who just published the entire thing, for the first time, in French. Now I want to know what he did in Iran.

He was an accomplished man in Aleppo (owned a hotel) and was connected with other Armenian intelletuals (Zabel Yesayan helped publish his testimony), so I just imagine that he did something of note in all of those years in Tehran. Alas, with all of my genealogical experience (and a library degree!) I cannot figure out how to research this. Does anyone have tips? Should I connect with an Armenian church in Tehran? The National Library?
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Best answer: Armenian ─░ranian pal says...Hmmm, the Armenian Churches are a good option, also a well known "Ararat" Center in Tehran:
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