Looking for an on-line BA in Info Design
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Back-to-schoolfilter: Is there a college that offers a BA in Information Design (or related degree) on-line?

I have an associates degree in graphic design, and a certificate in web design, plus 5 years relevant work experience as a web / info designer. I want to move up to a bachelors, but given my lifestyle (4 kids, married, full-time job), it would have to be mostly on-line. If not on-line, someplace close to me (zip in profile) that offers nights / weekend study. Bonus points for the ability to test out of classes like "Intro to HTML".
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Have you checked out RPI?
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Check out Bear's Guide to Distance Learning. He evaluates distance learning and on-line degree programs and points out which are legit and which are not. Your local library will probably have a copy of the guide in its educational resources section, if it's not part of the general stack.
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Fixed link
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