Should I return/exchange my new Macbook Pro?
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I have a new Macbook Pro 13" that I purchased two weeks ago from the Apple store. It has had two minor (but possibly signs of something bigger?) issues so far, and today is the last day I can exchange it for another one. Would you exchange it in my position? See inside for the issues.

Issue #1 was that on the second or third day after purchase, when I was updating Microsoft Office, the computer became extremely hot and the fans started blaring. After a few minutes it calmed down and all seemed normal, but my friends who have Macs were very surprised to hear about this experience and assured me it has never happened to them (like me they are using El Capitan and regularly update MS Office). So that seemed unusual and probably not good... The other issue is that last night, I walked away from my computer for a while so it went to sleep (as it should), but when I came back and woke it up, it showed a black screen with the spinning beach ball of death. After pressing several buttons, I got the unlock/log-in screen, but there was a random square of black pixels, a frozen beachball, and a spinning beach ball that I could move around the screen, but it was otherwise totally unresponsive. After waiting almost 10 minutes I just forced the computer to power off and then restarted it. I contacted Apple chat support and the tech support agent had me delete some cache and start-up/launch files from my computer. Since then everything has seemed normal, but I'm pretty concerned about already having had these two problems with a brand-new Macbook Pro (fwiw I am new to owning a Mac). How serious do these problems sound? Would you exchange the computer for another Macbook Pro if you were me?
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today is the last day I can exchange it for another one

I totally, totally would. You feel uncertain and if something goes wrong in the near future, you'll kick yourself. What do you have to lose?
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I'd return it. I've had a 13" MacBook Pro for a little over a year and I've heard the fans come maybe twice? And I've never seen screen/display issues like the second incident you describe.
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I've been using two mac laptops (a pro and an air) for two years almost daily with none of those issues, ever, I would exchange for sure.
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Exchange it! omg!

Good Apple merch lasts for a long time and gives you easily-solved problems. Bad Apple merch only gets worse and worse.
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Just get a new one. Something isn't seated right.
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Yeah, take it back. Something's wrong.
Remember, too, you get a one year warranty on your MBP, so it's not like you're SOL, if you don't get it back there by the one week mark.
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Please do return it! I've had some wonderful Apple computers and some real duds. It sucks that this computer isn't working well and it's not your fault you have to deal with this mess! However, it's likely not going to get better and please get the computer you paid for and deserve to have right now.
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Another vote to return it. I've had some screwy MBP issues before, but nothing like that so early on.
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Absolutely. If you don't and you have further issues, you'll totally kick yourself that you didn't.
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Totally exchange.
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Nthing exchange. You got nothing to lose. Just back everything up beforehand, but I'm pretty sure you know it.
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Totally exchange. This would be true even if it were a $300 Toshiba windows machine, but when you pay enough for about 3-4 decent Windows machines, it should be frickin' perfect. And no, I've never had my Macs do anything like this, and we have several in my shop.
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Response by poster: Thanks, all! You gave me the push I needed. I went to the store and exchanged it. Hopefully this one will work out better.
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So glad to hear it! Hope this one works out well for you.
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