Where to get the best* work suits in Toronto?
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I've been rotating the same set of suits for the last 5-6 years and I think it is time to rotate some out. Where can I get the best 2-3 suits in Toronto within a budget of $1,000 per suit? (the budget is the *)

My current suits were all made-to-measure from one of those tailors that comes to take measurements and then makes them in Hong Kong. The suits are fine but the tailor won't be back in town until March/April and I probably wouldn't get the suits until May or June. I can't re-order based on my old measurements because I have increased in size since they were taken and I also wouldn't mind getting slightly better suits this time around.

These are work suits so think charcoal, navy, etc. Nothing flashy or fun.

I'm not in any big rush so if you know that some place usually has boxing day specials or the like I could wait until then.
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My husband swears by Frank and Victor (and the rest of their family) at Caruso's on the Danforth. They are fantastic tailors of an old-school tradition, but with good modern styling. Very well priced too with great fabrics (custom pants are around $300-400). They get VERY busy on weekends (and they only ever have 1 or 2 guys on the floor) so plan on bringing extra patience. Worth waiting for.


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Have just been corrected by my husband. His last set of custom Caruso pants were about $150.
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I've had very good luck with Suit Supply in that price range.
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I feel eponysuitably requred to weigh in here. Surmesur does custom suits starting at around $400 I think, and turns them around in about six weeks. I went there recently and had what I feel was a good experience. That said, I'm not a great expert on suit quality. (I'm not maningoodsuit). Indochino also has a store in Toronto offering a similar service.
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My brother-in-law was happy with the suit he got at Tom's Place in Kensington Market. They also have discount sales at the downtown JCC.

I don't know if they do custom, but they did good adjustments/tailoring.
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Strellson on Bloor St
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Korry's on Danforth for really high-end, attention to detail European brands and cuts. The ticket prices are on the high side, but they always have sales, and when you start to buy ensembles suddenly everything gets discounted.

I can second Tom's Place for more budget buys, but I have found them to be uneven in quality.
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Sur Mesur, Jarvis and Queen.
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