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I need a running jacket for a 38 degree weather with rain and wind (and in the dark sometimes)

I am a new runner so I mostly walk but do have short bursts of run in there. Total time is 40 minutes and it is cold enough for me. I do wear a warm inner layer but need something on the outside that will be warm but breathable. Most of the running jackets I have seen are way too light and flimsy for me since I don't run much and when I do it is usually at the last leg of my walk. I am all for layering but my specific ask is for a jacket for women that I can run in. Also if there is a brand you are loyal to, that recos would be great also.

Many thanks -help this fatso get off the couch ;).
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I'm not a woman (obviously) and do not have a specific model to recommend, but I can recommend SportHill as a good brand for this sort of thing. I usually run in the fall and cross-country ski in the winter in SportHill pants and a SportHill jacket. I figure if they have stuff warm enough for XC skiing, you can probably find a jacket that would keep you warm enough.
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I go for fleece or merino as a mid-layer and use one of the light flimsy running jackets with pit zips as my outer layer. I know there are lots of wonderful and expensive fabrics, but I haven't found anything that really resists rain and is also breathable. So I tend to only wear my flimsy running rain jacket when it actually rains. Make sure to get reflective clothing and some lighted arm/wristbands. Bright green or yellow is barely more visible than black at night. Reflective clothing and lights are the way to go to be visible, especially to cars.

Maybe consider a hoodie with deep pockets and rain jacket you can roll into a little ball. Then you can choose whether or not to wear it as you run.
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I like soft shells with pit zips for this purpose--they are just the right amount of insulation, wind/moisture resistance, and stretch/breathability for me. I have an old one from Mountain Hardwear that I use. I think soft shells are often designed for alpine climbing, so they don't have the reflective bits that you get on running-specific jackets, but they work well for me. You might also want to have a look at cycling jackets, which will may have similar features, plus safety colors and bobs.
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my husband is a hard core sports gear geek, and one day brought me a beautiful North Face isotherm windstopper jacket, and it's pretty much my go to shell when I go running now. We live in Finland and it's been getting really chilly, and this thing coupled with a long sleeved shirt is the bomb. the only thing it doesn't have (i don't know if they have it in the newer models) is much reflective stuff, so if I go running after dark i just wear an LED arm band/reflector for added visibility.
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