What's a free photo site that can be viewed in China?
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What's a photo hosting (like Google Photos) site that's free and accessible in China?

I'm going to be posting a decent number of photos soon for a project and I need someone living in China to be able to view them. I have an account with Google Photos, but that's blocked as is Facebook. I don't mind if the photos are resized or are lowered in quality some, they basically just need to be able to view a large album. Dropbox doesn't have the capacity for what I want to do with it. Does anyone happen to know a good alternative?
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Two of the major cloud storage services in China are Baidu and 360. Unfortunately, neither of them appear to have English-language options, but you may be able to figure them out with google translate.
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I'm in China right now and OneDrive still works for me. It's a little slow because it's connecting to a US server, but it works!
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