Gmail Chat History - WHERE IS IT
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A federal agency uses gmail as their email service provider. I use this federal version of gmail as part of my job and need to be able to find and reproduce gchat/gtalk/hangouts exchanges I've had with colleagues. Why is this so hard? Why.

I know this about the chat conversation I need to see: who I had it with, when, and a search term.

I use search term and label:chats in the search bar and federal gmail helpfully provides me a list of chat results. I click one. It takes me to a view of exactly one line of the chat, like this:

colleague: oh hey yeah, the SEARCH TERM decision right?

That is not what I want. I want this:

me: do you remember that thing that happened last friday?
colleague: oh hey yeah, the SEARCH TERM decision right?
me: yes! what happened?
colleague: it was approved. we are going to give the patient mouse bites.
me: again?

And so forth.

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If the person you were talking to went "off the record" the chat history won't have been logged.
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I just tried your example, by searching for:

label:chats broom

(because yesterday I had a conversation where the word 'broom' occurs) and it found the specific message. I clicked the specific message, and loaded up the full conversation.

This is using Google Apps for Work.

I know it's possible for administrators to disable chat archiving, but that doesn't seem like what's happening here, because you're finding the messages.
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Is conversation view on or off in your settings? If it is off, try turning it on. Instructions here. Not completely sure if that will do anything, but worth a try. I'm on mobile otherwise I'd try it out for you.
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Hi, I have a US government email address which uses gmail. We have a very specialized version of gmail with most of the Google apps disabled. I don't have chat logs either. Sorry. If it helps, just remember it is better than outlook.
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I hate conversation view for work emails, but apparently it is one setting for both email and chat.

I will survive the horror of conversation view emails to have the sanity of conversation view chats. Thank you sevenofspades!
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