What are key events in the history of international mass media?
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What are important dates and events in the development of international mass media? I have this list so far, but any MeFites that have an interest in this area, please contribute! I have a specific interest in the development of media in the developing world.
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Random thoughts:

Wasn't movable type developed at some point in Korea? Caxton, the first English printer, should be in there somewhere. First local-language translations of Bibles? Protestantism got a big boost from printing. Stages of development of the alphabet? Development and spread of the photocopier? Common Book of Prayer? King James Bible? Obscenity trials (I'm thinking of DH Lawrence specifically)? Velvet Revolution? Fall of the Eastern Bloc? Development of the microphone? Photography? Transistor? PC? Modem?

Also, "1901: Marconi transmits radio signals from Cornwall to Newfoundland. 1909: Herrold makes first successful radio broadcast." is a bit unclear.
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Also, Gulf War I as the first war watched live on TV?
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Leon: Maybe a broadcast requires at least two receivers. Otherwise its a narrowcast.
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Boer war, 1898: first use of telegraph to provide "from the front" immediate reporting?
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