Help me make a collage of photos and send it off to be printed A4 (UK)
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I have tons of photos of me and my partner on my iphone and would like to put them all together in a grid fashion (maybe 10x7 photos ish) to then be sent off and printed so i can frame it and give it to her as a present. I would really like an app that would be able to do all of this in one shot but cant seem to see any. Failing that, any other option that is kind of straight forward. Id rather not be messing around with Photoshop templates and stuff if possible.
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Does the PhotoBox app do what you want?
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You can do this as a collage print on Snapfish. They don't do a4 however (at least on the Australian site).
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I did this using iPhoto based on a tutorial I found on a blog. Unfortunately the original post no longer exists. Fortunately it's been saved on Wayback machine. How to make a life poster. Caveat, it's from 2005 so I don't know if any of the features apply still so it's a risk. But it worked for me (10 years ago... )

There is also this, but not as cheap as it was for me when I used that tutorial.
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+1 for Photobox - I've used them for prints and enlargements.
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You might also want to look at Ixxi - they take your digital photos and output them as individual square prints with x-shaped corner connectors, so you can mount them as a giant grid on your wall. We have an 8x8 grid (64 different photos) that is about 2m square. It looks beautiful.
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You can do this at Boots, either in the shop or online.
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