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We are heading to Switzerland next spring and are researching the most efficient method of moving our bodies from Orlando to Zurich. In this case the word efficient means the melding of economy, few transfers and speed (ie: we don;t want to spend 24 hours making this journey). We found a direct flight from Tampa (point on transfers & speed, debits for economy) but there's no direct flight back. Options involving a single transfer that gets us close is optimum, as is flying out of Tampa or Jacksonville (we try to avoid the mess that is International travel through Miami).
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I assume you're looking at the Edelweiss flights for TPA to ZRH. Their flights only go on certain days, so if you can change your dates a bit I'd go for it. Looks like ZRH-TPA-ZRH flights are Sun/Tue/Fri. The nonstop flight is great and I highly recommend it.

But if the price is too much, it looks like Icelandair has a one-stop option via MCO and KEF (in Iceland). It looks pretty good price-wise and time-wise. If I were doing that I'd call and ask for a day or two extra in Iceland on the way back, though.
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Zurich is a Swiss Air hub, and Swiss Air is part of the Star Alliance which means you should focus on other Star Alliance member airlines - practically speaking for these purposes, United - and their hubs. (Anecdotally, I've gone to Zurich quickly and easily without even trying by flying United.) The relevant United hubs for this trip would seem to be Houston, Dulles, and Newark; possibly O'Hare. Your best bet is probably to get to one of those airports in a single hop to connect to a direct Zurich flight from there.
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Also consider the European Star Alliance hubs - Lufthansa in particular. It's a less than 1 he flight from both Munich/Frankfurt to Zurich.
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If you fly somewhere else (e.g. Munich or Frankfurt as suggested above), you could then take a train to Zurich rather than wait on a connecting flight.
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