Finding a huge electronic list of personality traits?
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I need to find a lengthy list of English-language personality traits. Allport and Odbert's 1936 list would be awesome, and a searchable text version (meaning, not a scanned book) would be even better.

I have access to most subscription-based tools but I went through JStor and ProQuest (the two with which I'm familiar) and didn't find anything.

Another, similar list would work, but I'm not aware of any.

From here:
In the process of developing a taxonomy, a process that had taken predecessors sixty years up to this point, Allport and Odbert systematized thousands of personality attributes in 1936. They recognized four categories of adjectives in developing the taxonomy including personality traits, temporary states highly evaluative judgments of personally conduct and reputation, and physical characteristics.
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I'm thinking you'll find what you're looking for here (The International Personality Pool), or here (The Personality Project).
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Here's a good list (pdf link), and as is this. Both focus on Cattell (who developed the 16 Personality Factor Model in an attempt at a common taxonomy) more than Allport and Odbert, but do mention their work and should be extensive enough to help you.
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Response by poster: I don't know, neither of these does exactly what I need. Truth be told, I'm not interested in the psychological aspects of personality (not for this, anyway). I really just need a big ol' list of adjectives to use in an ad hoc codebook, for a quick 'n' dirty 'n' unscientific content analysis.

Anyone? Anything?
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Best answer: I realize that feelings are not personality traits, but many feelings are related to traits. List of Feelings that Individuals Have, But Often Fail to Identify
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Best answer: Is this list what you are looking for: Personality Components
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Response by poster: While not as huge as I'd originally hoped, those are both good resources. My paper was due last week, actually, but maybe this thread will help someone down the road.
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