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My feeds are getting boring to me. I was reading quite a few home reno blogs but really I'm interested in reading well written material on a range of subjects. I guess that is too broad maybe I like blogs about films or television, pop culture, literature, or art and design?

Nothing too high brow probably. Stuff to read on my lunch break. I really like
Manhattan Nest because the guy who writes it is so witty and entertaining. I already read a lot of news media and am really looking for more specialised/individualised content.

I quite like Go Fug Yourself too, though I'd rather not read another fashion blog probably. Or maybe just not another blog that was solely kind of quippy.

Kind of open to anything as long as the person writing it is articulate and not pompous/pretentious.

So: tell me your favourite blogs to subscribe to?
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Best answer: I feel like if you read Metafilter, there's no way you could NOT know about The Toast, but if not...I recommend The Toast.
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Certainly not high brow, my favorites for idle entertainment are Mental Floss and Today I Found Out. For slightly deeper but still fun reading, try Wait But Why (The AI Revolution is what hooked me), and for really educational stuff, mostly video panels, there's World Science Festival. Finally, Lowering The Bar has legal humor, often documenting breaking ridiculousness as it's happening.
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With the same caveat as hurdy gurdy girl and not necessarily on topic:

Blog on a Toothpick
but does it float
everlasting blort
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I've just started getting into Misfits' Architecture.

(It's about architecture.)
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I still use Digg to find interesting things.
I like their new look, it's clean and sleek, and I only have to check it once or twice a day to get new content.
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I subscribe to Longform and NPR for links to interesting things.
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The field is so wide with this one!

I recently subscribed to Messy Nessy Chic and have been enjoying the pretty pictures of interesting things.

Some others that make me happy:
The Bloggess - humor, oddness, and real talk about living with mental illness
Itty Bitty Kitty Committee - adorable foster kittens!
Lisa Congdon - artist and illustrator
Budget Bytes - yummy recipes and information on reducing your food spending - tv coverage (also my favorite podcast)
Pop Culture Happy Hour - NPR pop culture blog
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I like the Browser. It's an aggregator like Longform or Longreads, but it seems to draw from a wider range of sources.
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Tor books has some good rss feeds for fans. Also io9.
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Prosthetic Knowledge is good for computational art and new media. Closer to a linkblog than detailed commentary, but plenty of images/videos to maybe catch your eye.
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Best answer: Futility Closet is a great blog (and podcast) filled with interesting literary and historical factoids, science-y stuff, logic puzzles, chess strategy, math problems and really great quotes. They are also, i believe, in need of more traffic. The reality is more interesting than my description and most posts are compact enough for lunchbreaks, but full of valuable, or at least valuable-seeming info. I usually feel smarter, if not merely clever after reading.

Also, more on the strictly architecture and design fronts is Things Magazine, someone of whom must be a Mefite. Great links to just about everything. Fine assessments of mostly UK design, architecture, music and art. I'm pretty sure this is from where i developed my love for painter Eric Ravilious. Always an interesting rabbit hole of info to fall down. I can't count the number of great things I've learned of from here.

And of course, the Axis Mundi of all aggregator blogs Nothing To Do With Arbroath and the now tragically un-updated, but fully archived and worth exploring Look At This....

Everyone should know about 50 Watts and it's symbiotic twin A Journey Round My Skull. The latter of which now defunct and the former rarely updated, but both having deep archives shockingly full of jaw dropping art and illustration from alternate times and other universes.

PS, it's Ask Me-Fi questions like this, and the subsequent answers that make me love this community.
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Swiss Miss (which I'm sure I first learned about here), particularly her Friday link pack.
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Seconding mimi smartypants.

Hyperbole and a Half is wonderful, although the blogger, Allie Brosh, has not posted in quite a while. But the old posts are gold.
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Perfect lunchtime material:
the New Shelton wet/dry
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Response by poster: These were great, thanks so much everyone.
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