Checking account with categories built in?
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I am instructed by my lawyer to change banks immediately. I remember seeing an ad, which I cannot place in time, for a bank which would let you build categories (kind of like budget lines) into your checking account. You could allocate X for household supplies, for instance. I have scoured these webs and cannot find such a thing. Does it still exist? What bank had it?
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I think this is pretty common in one form or another. Key and PNC both have versions of this functionality. They might all call it different things, though.
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Best answer: The one that was hot for a while was Simple. No idea if it's any good, though. I'm guessing that's the one you heard of.
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Response by poster: Well their little video made me cry, but after all it's that level of scrutiny that got me into this mess. I'll do some sleuthing though, that does look like the kind of thing I remember.
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PNC's Virtual Wallet account has a feature where you can place money from your checking account into a Reserve pot (it's not a separate account, it's sort of a partially walled off part of your checking) and you can divide the money that you stick in there up any way you want, call the categories anything you want, etc....
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I have PNC's virtual wallet; reserve is definitely a separate account. Other than that it doesn't really do what you're talking about. Instead, I use YNAB, which is the king in the "virtual envelopes" arena.
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Or maybe I just haven't looked hard enough? I think the last I looked they mostly just had goal setting and easy transfers to saving. Not sure.
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Pick an account with low fees, access to no-fee ATMs, and no overdraft fees. CapitolOne360 and Ally are both good choices. Get budgeting help for the rest, like
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I'm not sure this is quite what you're looking for, but Mission Federal Credit Union has been pretty awesome for us over the years, and it has a built-in budgeting feature. I don't use use it, but I'm happy to cut and paste info/instructions for you if you want to know more.

It says you can set up multiple budgets and assign multiple bank accounts to them. Looks like you can set a target amount and it tracks in a similar way to It doesn't allocate in an envelope-type way (for which I would of course recommend YNAB, because that's what we do here in AskMe).
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Stopping in again to say: I couldn't find detailed info online, but this video shows a general overview of their online banking with a mention of the budgeting feature.
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ALSO you can apparently set up one or more savings goals for a savings account and allocate funds to them.
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Response by poster: Thanks so much everyone! I'm going with Simple.
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