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The Talenti gelato containers are the perfect size for leftovers, and storing small amounts of dry goods in the kitchen. I like the super wide mouth, and being able to run them through the dishwasher. Where can I buy more containers like this? (Without eating so much gelato.)
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You're looking for 16 oz round containers/jars. Example: Uline (minimum 140 count) and here
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Reditainer Deli Food Storage Containers with Lid, 16-Ounce

They can go in the microwave and dishwasher.
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Are you me? Talenti containers are like plastic gold in my kitchen. Since U-line has that 140 minimum, maybe a bunch of us should form a container club and then split an order.
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Checking more closely I noticed that they have a 24 minimum option as well, just at a slightly more expensive price.
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Best answer: I know you say you want to buy them and not keep eating gelato, but assuming you want fewer than 24 containers, why not just have a thing of gelato once a month until you have enough jars? Alternately, if you want to get a lot of them really quickly without eating a ton of gelato, what about throwing an ice cream social? Buy your desired quantity of Talenti, invite friends over, gelato it up, and you're left with a ton of empty containers despite eating probably well less than a full pint of the stuff.

Re the Uline ones, are those food safe? Because they look like they're being sold for hardware storage, and Uline isn't a restaurant supply company.
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I'm not sure those ULine jars are food safe. ULine is primarily industrial supply, aren't they? It might be worth shooting them and email to ask.

Are you specially looking for plastic? If you want for-certain food safe, you can always use wide mouth pint canning jars. Durable and dishwasher safe.
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Note that the jars from Uline are not USDA approved. They are not airtight or leak proof. They are not for freezing. They are not going to be microwave safe.

This may not distinguish them from the gelato containers.
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Also EBay:
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Not an answer to your question, but Talenti says its jars are not dishwasher safe. Which I think means that even though they may be getting clean, the high heat could be breaking down the plastic and rendering it unsafe for food.
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I have a set of these glass containers made by Ziploc. The lids are sometimes a challenge to pry off but to me that's more evidence that my leftovers will stay fresh longer. I bought mine at Target.
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Yours don't warp in the dishwasher (top rack)?. I love them too (and the excuse for dark chocolate gelato), but I have to wash by hand or my cheepo dishwasher turns them into artwork .... or, have they changed recently to a more resilient plastic?

I volunteer to make the sacrifice and eat more taliente and send you the containers if you need more and cannot find a good source otherwise.
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Best answer: ZipLoc sells a 16oz Twist n' Loc container. It's plastic with a screw on top. They seem like a pretty close match to what you want. They're not perfectly clear all the way around, but significant parts of the container are clear. My former roommate used them extensively for freezing leftovers and similar uses.
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Ziplock (and Glad) both make 16 and 32 oz containers that are similar, and I think dishwasher safe. They're pretty widely available; I get mine at the grocery store.

Also wide mouth Ball jars with these plastic twist lids are basically the same thing in glass.
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The Ziplock Twist n' Locs are my favorite and they are pretty much perfect. Super leakproof, as far as I can tell. I use them for overnight oats and leftovers for work lunches and they are the perfect size. And pretty close to those gelato jars.
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I use these, too! Mostly for dry, bulky spices (big bags of Penzey's dried chives, for example, or quinoa, or...). For leftovers, though, I've switched to mostly using Mason jars with the plastic screw-on Ball lids. The wide mouth pints are about the same size as a Talenti container, but they're dishwasher safe.
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Response by poster: I think the eat-more-gelato camp has it. I'll also check out the ZipLoc Twist n' Loc container.

mightshould, My talenti containers become very slightly oval in the dishwasher. Maybe my dishwasher doesn't get very hot?
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I use the "energy-saver dry" setting on my dishwasher and have no problems with gelato containers warping. Along with gelato containers, the Ziploc Twist n' Locks and various mason jars are my containers of choice; they all seal well and have very smooth interiors for easy cleaning.
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Specialty Bottle sells food-safe containers. Here's a 16 ounce, straight-sided glass jar with metal lid.

(+1 to mightshould - our dishwasher melts those things too.)
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If you live in the NYC/Long Island area, you could use Kalypso yogurt containers. They're made from terracotta, and are food, dishwasher and oven safe.
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A slightly different slant on the answer. My all time favorite drinking glasses also can take custom fitted lids. If you are looking for containers strictly for your cabinet and fridge (i.e., staying watertight in your gym bag is not a requirement) then this might be a good choice because they're double duty. With the lid it's a storage container, without it's a drinking glass.
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Those ziploc twist 'n loc containers really are awesome. I buy them at Target, but you can find them everywhere and they work great - easy to open/close, easy to clean, good sizes, and they stack well in the fridge.
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I bought two pints of Talenti last night because I love the containers :) but yeah, be careful in the dishwasher as I've had them warp. Talenti themselves say "I’m reusing my Talenti jars - Are they microwave and dishwasher safe?
Good job! We love when our fans practice “pint-cycling.” Talenti jars are not microwave safe and not dishwasher safe, but look at some of the creative ways our Facebook fans have pint-cycled!"
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I guess I'm safe until I buy a dishwasher. Though most of mine are being used in the toolshed, storing leftover nails, screws, and other fasteners.

But yes, they're a nice size and shape.

Anyone got any good tips for getting the screen printing off of them?
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