Does a whole-house humidifier go upstairs, or downstairs?
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We're planning on getting the Aprilaire 800 steam humidifier installed. But, the question is: upstairs, where we sleep, or downstairs?

The HVAC installers suggest downstairs, as heat rises, and usually the downstairs unit works the most (to keep replacing the warmed hair that is rising).

I initially thought upstairs would make more sense, as that's where the bedrooms are, and where we spend the most time--asleep!

The upstairs furnace is in an attic. The downstairs furnace is in a mechanical closet in the garage.

We want to avoid dried out skin and dry coughs in the winter with a whole-house humidifier--we live in Georgia, so humidity almost any other time of year is not lacking.

Have you had a steam humidifier installed? Where did you have it put in?
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Given that I (and, I think, most people with humidifiers) run ours at night while we sleep, I would get it installed upstairs.
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If yours is like ours, it only runs while the furnace is running. That may be why the installer is recommending it goes in the most active furnace. Ask them for clarification?
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You're going to get more overall humidity in the house if you put it on the furnace that runs the most. In a duct system, you're not going to lose a ton of moisture over that little distance.

I would trust the HVAC folks on this. I generally find that they aren't terribly inclined to give bad advice (probably because of warranties).
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