....and a craftyyyyyyy new year!
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In an attempt to avoid usual New Years Eve misery, a friend and I are planning a NYE Craft "Retreat". Now we just need to come up with the projects.

We're both pretty competent crafters, can knit/crochet, and each have a sewing machine that we can use at a beginner/intermediate level, but they needn't be textile projects. We will be retreating to my small apartment with no outdoor space, so huge painting projects are not ideal. We're willing to spend a little money on supplies, but probably not equipment. We both like clothes, accessories, home goods, bath supplies, and decorative items. My preference would be a project that involves some creativity at the time of execution, and not just assembly. What shall we make?
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I think making custom notecards would be a fun project for a day like this. Paperchase or similar stores have lots of art paper that you could cut up and repurpose for embellishing cards. Or I'm sure there are DIY notecard kits out there too.
Or get some giant yarn and make some super big cowls or other large scale knitting/crochet project that you could do in a day?
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Block printing on fabric is fun. You can try a bunch of different ideas and sew up some of the fabric if you like. Maybe you could even make a simple quilt with printed fabric.

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One of the most useful things I ever crocheted (besides a hat) and then lost and need to make a new one... is a cozy cup for ice cream pints (Ben and Jerry's size). I think I just winged it... but something like a small modified bucket sort of crochet. It had a bottom on it. You can make it fancy with embroidery, felt, and beads. You could also sew one with thicker fabrics and decorate it.

It was amazing to not have cold hands or have to get a napkin or potholder to hold ice cream.

Tie dye is always fun. You can make it more modern by only using one color to each project. Shibori style is really popular and would be great for scarfs, shirts, tea towels, socks, and pillow cases. You can also just dye a yard or two of fabric and sew with it later. You'll just need a couple buckets. You can hang to dry above the bathtub if you don't have access to a dryer. I've done plenty of tie dye in small apartment kitchens by putting down garbage bags and newspaper.

Candle making is pretty fun and simple. You can experiment with decorating the candle vessels. There's also creative colored wax layering you can do.
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Best answer: Bath bombs. Requires shopping for yummy essential oils, baking soda, corn starch, and citric acid. You may already even have items around your kitchen to use as molds.
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pillbox hats. My friend and I used to do these every new year's eve and then wear them out to like one bar and then come back. You just need poster board and fabric and shiny sparkly trimmings. One year we anchored plastic champagne glasses to the tops of the hats and filled them with baubles and ribbons and such. I still have two of the hats; the others got broken down to make other hats.
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Best answer: What about soap making? I have never done it myself, but from what I have read, although you need to buy supplies and some equipment, these are affordable and the project looks creative, fun and fairly easy.
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Papercutting? You could make a calendar with paper cutting, or PPP up, or..., on each month.
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I'm going to give Scandinavian Himmel a shot soon!

Simple instructables!
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Linoleum printing. I did this in sixth grade Girl Scouts and it was a lot of fun. Linoleum blocks are available at an art supply store, and you carve out your design using cutters and sharp V-shaped wedges. Roll ink onto the linoleum block and make as many prints as you like. We made Christmas cards. You'll need some supplies, but they don't seem too expensive.
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Best answer: You can buy plain flour sack towels from Joanns in a 3 pack. They are pretty large. I'm embroidering calendars and seasonal motifs onto them. You can do a small year on one towel, have a set of towels for the year (3 or 4 months per towel), or do one towel per month. I sort of intend mine to be an ongoing project.
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Response by poster: Thanks for your suggestions! We're going to have supplies for bath bombs, embroidery, and felted beads on hand, and see what strikes our fancy. Happy, crafty New Year everyone!
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