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Where are the cross-brand variety packs for finding your favorite lubricant?

After web-searches for "lubricant variety pack" and variations thereof, I'm confused at the lack of results for a cross-brand lubricant sampler (except for flavor samplers, which I'm not interested in).

"Variety pack" and "sampler" seem to be what brands have, e.g. Atro-Glide Variety Pack, but I'm looking to find a brand that I like without having to buy full-sizes (or make several purchases across the web for sample-sizes, plus shipping).

I'm sure I've seen that kind of set-up somewhere -- has anyone else?

Thanks in advance!
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This is a great reason to check out a bricks and mortar sex toy shop. Look for one that is woman-friendly, sex positive, etc. and not a glorified porno store. Every one of these types of places I've ever checked out has a ton of brands of lube available for testing (with your hands obviously), and many give out free or very reasonably priced sample sizes as well.
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Sara C's idea is probably best,* but here's one, and here's another.

*Some of the tried-and-true lubes may not be doing promotions like samples, so you could miss out on those because they're already known to be good. (Then again, Liquid Silk is in one of the sample packs, and it's a winner in our home.)
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And you support a good cause!
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Babeland also has a sampler.
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Since you're in Pasadena, I recommend a little field trip to The Pleasure Chest in West Hollywood. They're very knowledgeable, super-friendly, sex-positive, lady-friendly, and all that good stuff that Sara C. mentions above. And a whole huge corner of their front room is devoted to lube, many of which have sample bottles set up for this express purpose. Have fun!
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Response by poster: Thanks so much, guys!

I definitely appreciate the product links. I'm not a car owner and I have been to the Pleasure Chest in Hollywood -- but I don't think I can test a lube in a store. I don't think sampling with my hands in a store works for me.

Still open to any more product links!!

Thanks, everyone!
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Lucky Bloke offers lube samplers offering either 6 or 12 mini-sample size packets of lube per each, across brands. You get several different brands in one pack, but you do have to pick a pack of water-based, silicone, or flavored. They also have condom sampler packs, if that's of interest. They had great customer service the last time I ordered from them.
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