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What should I be reading to replace Grantland?

I loved reading Grantland. I have a general knowledge and interest in most major sports (baseball, hockey, football, tennis, etc) and a definite interest in weird niche sports (rowing, artistic gymnastics, international long-distance running, etc). I like pop culture. I like smart commentary, interesting perspectives, and viewing sports in their broader societal context. Grantland was the first, and to this point only, sports website I consistently read. Things like the features on Serena Williams, Sean McIndoe's hockey writing, the pop culture pieces, etc were some of the things I loved about Grantland.

What should I read to replace Grantland? Where can I find smart sports writing that is more than a recitation of stats? Are there authors or columns to seek out? Other websites? I prefer sites with a broad range of sports, rather than a site that focuses on just, say, one NHL team, but if there are some great ones of those out there, let me know.
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Longreads has a sports category that might be useful.
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Can you stand Gawker Media? There's still Deadspin.

If you like Bill Simmons specifically he seems to be pulling a bunch of the Grantland people along with him over to HBO, where he will have a talk show.

He also relaunched his podcast, The Bill Simmons Show, and it's already the top sports podcast on iTunes.

I saw a reddit thread looking for Grantland replacements and two suggestions there were The Big Lead and Sports On Earth.
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The signal to noise ratio is a lot different, but SBNation often has good stuff.
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Yeah, make sure Deadspin is in your rotation.

If you like college football, Every Day Should Be Saturday shares chimpanzee-versus-human levels of DNA with Grantland.

You may also like The Classical.

Vice Sports is hit and miss for me based on certain writers/pieces, but they certainly put sports in a broader social context.
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I'll nominate The Blizzard for long form soccer.

And I can't fathom being a Grantland fan and not reading EDSBS unless you actively dislike college football.
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Dave Zirin (Edge of Sports), does a lot of thinking about the meaning of sports in our culture.
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Stefan Fatsis's books are awesome, and you can sample his POV on the weekly (Monday) podcast "Hang Up and Listen." He sometimes has written pieces for Slate, too:

Zirin is good, too.
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The problem is signal-to-noise ratio. When Grantland published something, you knew it was worth reading. When Deadspin or SB Nation publishes something, it's hit or miss. But when they hit, it's up there with Grantland.

For general stuff, I like the various Pro _____ Talk blogs on NBC Sports. Yahoo! Sports also runs some reasonably good blogs.

Grantland did a lot of cool stuff with advanced stats, and so I'm probably going to go to the source for that stuff in the future: War on Ice, Baseball Prospectus, Football Outsiders, etc. is 82Games still around? FiveThirtyEight is ok.

For the pop culture/sports mix, TMZ Sports does a pretty good job.

The thing I liked about Grantland was the long form stuff. I've found the best place for that is non-sports publications. The New York Times, Slate, the Atlantic, the New Republic all run pretty good sports stories, although not as frequent.

And of course, I'm anxiously awaiting whatever Simmons does next.
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No love for Sports Illustrated?
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Longreads has a sports category that might be useful.

As does Longform.
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I'm not sure this is helpful, but I'm convinced that it is actually the correct answer. There is absolutely nothing like Grantland out there. It was a remarkable website, done more or less as a vanity project that was entirely one guy's vision with a carefully selected roster of writers and there simply isn't anything of comparable quality. Football Outsiders does some of what Barnwell did in terms of analysis, but the writing is, um, uneven. Deadspin drops a good essay maybe once a week in the midst of a hundred craptastic articles.
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