After 101+ days, what do you think about your Tuft & Needle bed?
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If you have owned a 10” Tuft & Needle mattress for at least 101 days, how long have you owned it and how is it holding up? Having slept on it for a while, is there anything you didn’t know or that caught you by surprise? And if you had to do it over, would you still buy this mattress?

After months of bed-buying paralysis, and after reading everything here and everything linked from here, I finally decided on a Tuft and Needle mattress. I know people are very enthusiastic about it initially, but I’d like to hear what MeFites think after living and sleeping with for at least 101 nights. (They have a 100-night return guarantee so 101 nights because Murphy’s Law.)

I’m also particularly interested in what hot sleepers thought of it over the summer months.

(For the purposes of this question assume this is the only mattress I want to buy. If the answers here make me reconsider I will come back with a new question about alternatives.)
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I bought a T&N mattress in July of this year. I am still quite happy with my purchase and would purchase the same one again with no hesitation. I haven't noticed any degradation in the quality of the mattress. I had a short adjustment period when I first purchased it because previously I had a standard box spring with mattress set-up. I'm not a "hot sleeper", so I can't help you there.
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We've had a Tuft & Needle since April and we still absolutely love it. Basically every time we sleep somewhere else we want to hug the mattress when we get back home. We were talking about it the other day, how we still love the mattress. Part of our deal is also that we upgraded from a Queen to a King, and when we visit family or stay in AirBnBs or what have you we usually end up with a Queen, so part of it is just that we love having a king-sized bed. But anyway, after ~200 days we still like it enough that we routinely talk about how much we like it.

I am a fairly hot sleeper (my ideal sleeping temperature is probably around 58F) and I have found it hot sometimes, but counter-intuitively I have found it helps if I wear a shirt to bed (sleeping shirtless was too hot for some reason). And I noticed the hotness mostly in Fall when I had just switched to using the heavy comforter - in actual summer with a light blanket it wasn't bad at all. We did use the air conditioner a lot this year though.
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I bought one in June of this year. We are really happy with it. Actually, the only complaint my husband had is that the bed is perhaps TOO comfortable, as he found himself sleeping more deeply and thus stayed in the same position for a long time.

We were moving from an ancient conventional mattress to whatever we ended up choosing, and it was really difficult for me to evaluate all of the options against a mattress that was old when I first slept on it.

Heat was the main concern for me, too. The T&N mattress itself has been nothing but comfortable. We were already shelling out a ton of money for our new house, and "saved" a ton by not buying a TempurPedic, so I bought a ridiculous $230 TempurPedic pillow with cooling gel on both sides. I still wake up with a sweaty pillowcase sometimes, but I've had zero complaints about the bed. We keep forgetting to put the mattress pad on it and that was supposed to be a key part of keeping cool, but there's been no issue at all.

In terms of other considerations from the vetting process: the shipping was AMAZING; I had a couple of questions, and the service rep was Zappos-level friendly. The compressed box was super easy to carry up the stairs and around corners. A king mattress was only like 70 pounds, easily movable by one reasonably strong person. The unboxing was delightful :) I had read that it off-gassed a slightly weird smell, but it wasn't strong and didn't really bug me. We gave it a few days.

We slept on the floor for a couple nights and it just felt super weird, but when we finally went out and bought a new bed frame (sooner than anticipated), it felt perfect. My husband and I are both large people, and we don't seem to have any issues. It doesn't transfer motion as far as I can tell.

The other weird thing I've noticed is that our toddler can't deal with the surface. We've brought her in a couple times, and she can't stop squirming and exploring because (I assume) the surface is completely foreign to her. So that's a bust thus far, but not a dealbreaker :)

Our master suite feels like a heavenly sanctuary, and the mattress is a big part. (Also highly recommended: those LL Bean sheets they rec on The Sweethome.)
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We got our queen sized 10" T&F mattress May of last year. We have always had foam mattresses and we prefer really firm mattresses. When the mattress was on a regular bed frame, i.e. with slats, it was a little soft for us (though comparable to other foam mattresses). My husband said it developed a sunken section on his side. But it was still there when we rotated it, so I don't think the mattress was actually crushed, but that something was wrong with the bed frame.

We've since moved it onto the wood floor of our loft (about six months ago) and now it's plenty firm, and the "crushed" section has also disappeared.

My husband considers himself a hot mattress and he said it was "very nice" over the summer, because it's cooler than a lot of the memory foam mattresses he had before. (Note, T&N is a foam mattress, not a memory foam mattress.) For good temperature control, you can also try using different sheets. We have the Pottery Barn classic and love it. (We wore out our first set.)
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We have been using ours for about five months now and we love it. It is soooo comfy and it makes me happy everytime I get in bed. I am definitely sleeping better on it and have not found it to be hot. I am a side sleeper and my boyfriend sleeps on his back, and we are both comfortable. We ended up putting it on a box springs frame and we use microfiber sheets on it. We got the California King and it is great to have plenty of room!
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We bought one of the thinner (original thickness) Queen models in February of 2014. It's fabulous and I sleep great every night.

We have it on a futon frame I bought on Amazon. I think the frame's slats are a bit too far apart and I've always meant to get a bunkie board, but just never did. It seems fine anyway.

My mother bought a few for her house afterwards and hasn't had any complaints. She bought the thicker twin models.
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We purchased the thicker king sized mattress about 14 months ago and loved it so much that we purchased a queen sized mattress for our guest room earlier this year. My wife and I have very different body types and sleeping styles and we both love them, and our guests often remark on how well they have slept, too.
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We bought ours in April and still absolutely love it. Best bed I've ever had.
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It's totally fine. I don't really care what I sleep on, and every mattress I had had before was truly abysmal, so I'm probably not the best answerer. It's not as good as a fancy hotel mattress but it's better than a low-end $400 Costco mattress I guess.

The absolute best thing about Tuft and Needle is that they only have one choice, which is great for those of us who tend to overanalyze and freeze up.

There is a ridiculous amount of data on mattresses at

I do wish I could compare it to one of the ultra-cheap foam mattresses from Amazon, because I suspect they're all made in the same factory from the same materials. But I haven't had an excuse to buy one yet. Maybe if I ever get a place with a guest room.
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I purchased a Tuft & Needle mattress earlier this year at the recommendation of previous Asks but returned it (within the 100 day trial) because it ended up being too firm for me; I have a back that is princess & the pea-level sensitive to pressure points, though. That said, it's a very well-made mattress, and I was quite pleased with the ease of the process for handling a return. If I were in your shoes, I'd definitely give it a try.
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Tuft & Needle is easilly the most uncomfortable mattress I've ever slept on. I lasted 3 nights before crippling back pain led me to buy a more traditional mattress. I slept on the floor for a few nights in between, which was far superior. I guess everyone is different - I truly can't understand how anyone can conisider Tuft & Needle anything other than a medieval torture device.
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It's too firm. And I thought I liked firm beds.

In the beginning, my back hurt a lot after sleeping. I have mine still after a few months because I'm too stubborn. I think I don't like it but haven't gotten anything else yet. It doesn't seem as bad as it used to, though, so at least there's that.

Heat is not really a problem. I don't sink into the mattress compared to other foams I've used.

Check out Casper or Leesa too if you're set on one of these types of mattresses.
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It really depends on if you are a side or a back sleeper. These types of beds tend to be great for back sleepers, but too firm for side sleepers. I have a Casper, btw, and it's supposed to be less firm than the T&N, but it's still a bit too firm for side sleeping.
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To add to my above comment:

I'm a side sleeper and my husband is a back sleeper. We still prefer it as firm as possible (i.e., on the floor).

My husband had a $300 Overstock foam mattress before, and that was supposed to be firm but too soft for us. Also, it noticeably started collapsing about 2 years into it. So I would say T&N is definitely a higher quality.
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I've had mine since May and am still happy with it. It is a little firmer than I thought it was going to be; however, I also have it on the floor. My boyfriend has a Tempur-pedic and finds the T&N comfortable. I'd buy it again.
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Thank you everyone!

The general consensus seems to be that it's a great bed if it isn't too firm to you. Since you can't really know if you'll sleep well on a mattress until you sleep on it for a while, I'm going to pull the trigger on this; if I don't like itI can return it, and if I do it will actually last and retain its integrity.

I made a horrible and expensive decision when I bought my last bed so I can finally get rid of this albatross! I was afraid there might be a bunch of conflicting anecdotes to make things even more confusing, but every answer was helpful so I've marked all as best answer. I'll try to update this later with my impressions.
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I just found this page on Tuft and Needle. It seems like they're making a new one that is not as firm and better at cooling.
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I think that's the current one because it has two layers instead of three, which is one of the changes the article mentions. Now I wonder if the people here who thought it was too firm are sleeping in an older model.
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I completely forgot to add my two cents re: the firmness issue.

I had heard that a T&N mattress was too firm, yes. In the end, I didn't have any problem with getting a mattress that was potentially too firm, because you can always put a softer topper on it: memory foam, wool (wool is actually great at keeping you cool), etc.

With a too-soft mattress, you're basically SOL.

I would encourage you to go to your local Mega-Lo-[Furniture]-Mart and roll around on the mattresses for a while to figure out where you really are on the firmness spectrum. As I pointed out above, if you've been sleeping on something decrepit or over 10 years old, you probably have no true basis for comparison (which is one of the biggest reasons mattress shopping is the worst thing ever).
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