Your favorite NYC art blogs and calendars?
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Dearest New Yorkers, Having just showed up in Brooklyn little more than a week ago (via SF), I've been wonderfully overwhelmed. The one thing I'm missing is a good list of the best places to help distill (or not distill) the innumerable art events and openings popping off both nearby and in Manhattan. Any advices and favorite digital spots are hugely appreciated. I've got a few things I'm looking at but the more, the better. Bonus points for physical publications! <3 Matthew
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Art Sucks
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You might want to get on Jeff Stark's Nonsense list.
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Seconding NonsenseNYC.
Also: Flavorpill, ArtFCity, Platform for Pedagogy, Gothamist.

Also - many events/openings seem to be aggregated on Facebook lately, rather than through listings, including ones at: Issue Project Room, Roulette, Trans-Pecos, PS1, Printed Matter, Verso Books, Storefront for Art and Architecture, etc.
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My office posts a seasonal art calendar (self link, althoug I don't write it). Among sources we draw from wagmag, brokelyn (semi dead of late) and Time Out plus the ones referenced above
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Artcards for genu-wine art openings
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