Best Slippers/Moccasins?
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My feet are freezing even though I'm wearing slippers and it's barely winter. I am obviously in need of some warm slippers/moccasins to wear around the house. Who makes the warmest slippers?

I am a grad student so not a ton of money for this, I'd like to keep it under $50. I wear a men's size 10 or a women's size 12 (most women's shoes don't go up this high).
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Response by poster: Oh, I'd prefer outdoor/indoor type soles, but not absolutely required.
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Best answer: Slightly over your budget, but the best: LL Bean Wicked Good.
You're gonna like the way your toes feel, I guarantee it.
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I splurged and bought some Minnetonka slippers a few Christmases ago; they were very cozy.

Unfortunately, after some heavy-duty wear, the shearling does become less fluffy - I think that's just a flaw of having the poofy (faux) shearling lining, no matter what the brand. But they felt very luxurious every time I stepped into them, and kept my feet warm.
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Have I ever got the slippers for you. I live in these. Well, I wear the women's version but my feet are a little smaller than yours. They do have women's 12 but in the soft sole version that you can't wear outside. Having said that, the soft sole are a little less in price.
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And here is the link for the women's soft sole version.
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The Sweethome has a comprehensive slipper review. I can vouch for the Haflingers. I have the pictured cutaway style, so the new full-shoe style is probably even warmer. It's above your price point, but they should last basically forever.
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These are long wearing and are made right on the Egli farm. Price is in CAD but the current exchange rate is in your favor.
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The warmest "slippers" I have ever owned are down booties. I got mine for winter camping and they are totally fine in the snow after a long day. And soooo warm and cosy. These REI ones are pretty reasonably priced, but there are ton of other choices online. Go for ones that are 100% real down and that have waterproofed soles, and you should be fine.
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Are you wearing socks in your slippers? That makes all the difference for me. Naked feet in slippers get cold after your feet have been sweating for a bit. But, a nice pair of wool or even just thick socks really helps my feel stay toasty inside my slippers.
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Nthing the Haflingers, but they aren't the warmest to me. Seconding REI booties. I get the men's because I have wide feet. They are hella ugly.
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Halflingers! I have these as well as the rubber soled ones, the Grizzlys, for AM dog walks and such.

They're so awesome I can't even tell you. They're toasty, yet breathable. Your feet are toasty but not sweaty! A+++ would buy again and again.
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I apologize; I missed your price point. Acorn has always been good to me.
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Wool, silk, or cashmere socks inside Wicked Good shearling will be nice and warm. Put some silk sockliners (not too expensive) under the wool socks.

I feel you. The only time my toes are ever warm enough is in August in direct sun.
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I also came to recommend Haflingers, though they are above your budget. I have ones with a cat on them and they are so delightful.
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The Acorns mentioned above are pretty warm, but they fell apart after a few years. Seconding socks with slippers.
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Mi Woolies have serious outdoor-suitable soles. They also have the option of possum-fur insole lining for extra coziness. Mine are so toasty warm and wonderful.
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If I bought them, I'm pretty sure I'd have to pay to remove possum-fur liners from a cattle dog's colon. They did unspeakable things to my deerskin mocs.
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I have a different pair of Hafflingers with cats on them - live in them at home with wool socks in my cold 100+ year old house - excellent. I found mine on sale for cheap locally but try places like Sierra Trading Post for deals.
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Response by poster: Yeah, I'm wearing socks too. The wool blend ones from costco help but aren't enough by themselves.

My apartment doesn't have central heat, so it's effectively like camping in 55-60 degree weather. I have an electric blanket for at night, which works fine, but during the day (I mostly work from home) it has been difficult to stay warm, particularly for my hands and feet.
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My apartment doesn't have central heat, so it's effectively like camping in 55-60 degree weather.

Where are you? This is probably illegal.

Anyway, Nordstrom Rack has UGG slippers on sale in women's size 12. $70 but worth every penny.
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I bought the Restoration Hardware Ultimate Luxury Plush Foot Duvet slippers last year, and am considering buying two more for my parents this year for Christmas. And they're on sale right now! Layer with wool socks underneath to help generate more heat.
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If you have a shoe store that caters to those with a need for expensive German footware, Germany is home to the largest selection of slippers and house shoes in the entire known universe.

Seriously. Just do a web search for "german house shoes". It's astonishing.

The trick to warm feet is a real sole of some kind. You need to keep heat escaping out the bottom of the shoe. Most cheap slippers can't do that.
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2nding the REI Down Booties. I love mine.
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They aren't the most attractive slippers but I have a pair of puffy high top slippers that look like tennis shoes. When your feet are totally encased in memory foam, they are warm!
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Response by poster: Sacramento. We have woefully under powered electric heater fireplace thingies, like these. The rent is otherwise so below market that we put up with it.
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Best answer: I may be a bit biased as a Mainer, but seriously get the LL Bean slippers mentioned above. They are so amazingly warm and comfortable and they will last forever. And they have a lifetime guarantee that they will replace them for basically anything. Sole of them wear out in twenty years? New pair! Even if it's your fault you have a great chance of getting them replaced. Seriously. Their replacement policy is absurd.
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Best answer: Count me in for the LL Bean contingent. I had bought the Wicked Good Mocasins, and found that they left the top of my feet/ankles a bit exposed and chilly. I swapped them out for the Wicked Good Slippers, which are cut higher. They feel like wearing warm, snuggly blankets on my feet. They make me so very happy when I wear them. They do not have a rubber sole like the mocasins do, but I find it a more than acceptable tradeoff.
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Look for sales and coupons and splurge on a pair of UGGS. They last forever and are the warmest option for your toes. I wore mine in the Pennsylvania winter.

You can also buy battery operated socks from some larger hunting and fishing stores. Kind of quirky but they get the job done.
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I have the haflinger slippers, but when my feet get cold they don't cut it. I currently have my feet in between a folded over heating pad. That seems to help them get warm so the slippers can actually do their job of keeping them warm.

As for heating your apartment have you tried a radiator style heater or a vornado? Both work quite well.
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I run cold and so keep warm by wearing alpaca socks inside the LL Bean Wicked Good slippers that thirdletter recommends. The total for these is over your price range, and pushing it for mine as well, but I can't take freezing all winter so I've invested in some warm stuff. The slippers have lasted me a number of years now, so I consider them a good investment. (Also, the holidays are coming and so you might lobby for some presents.)

I can also recommend using a heated footrest, and second the suggestion of a radiator style heater.
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My feet are never cold in my furry Crocs (like these), although they will get clammy if I don't also have socks on.

(Also a space heater and blanket when you're sitting at your desk.)
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I am not sure what they'd be in American pricing, but I received a pair of Glerups slippers as a gift about a year ago and I love them more than I've ever loved a pair of footwear. They are warm, my feet don't sweat in them, and they are spectacularly comfortable. I bring them to friends' houses and even to work to wear under my desk when it's cold. I live in an extremely cold climate, pretty far north, and these are my favorite thing. They are made of pure felted wool and come with either suede soles or rubber soles. Highly recommended if you can find them in your price range.
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Look for sales and coupons and splurge on a pair of UGGS. They last forever and are the warmest option for your toes. I wore mine in the Pennsylvania winter.

This, or, really, any UGG-style real wool shearling-lined boots. Do not wear socks with them (the wool will conform to the shape of your feet, including your toes, and will wick moisture away from your feet) ever and do not ever wear them outside. They're not waterproof, and they'll stink if you get them wet.

This is how they're designed to be worn, as super warm, high house slippers. I work from home and only wear slippers in the winter unless I'm leaving the house, and even though I despise the look of most UGG-style boots, I am now a total convert. (I got ones that look like they're made out of dragon skin.)
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Someone already mentioned Acorn. I wear these $25 Acorn Men's Tex Moc Slippers myself. (I'm male.) They do tend to break a seam after a couple of years, but they're cheap & cozy until then. (Of course, YMMV with regards to what is "cozy". Just offering another data point.)
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Seconding the lined Crocs. I have Reynauds and cold feet are part of the deal, but even without socks my lined Crocs keep my feet warm. They are also super easy to slip on and off, they wash easily, and they won't fall apart if you wear them outside.
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Footskins' shearling lined Deerskins! They have gotten me through both PA and upstate New York winters, and I am a very cold person. Choice of indoor or outdoor soles, too.

Well worth the high price.
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All slightly over your price point ($51-$67), but The Sheepherder sells a variety of sheepskin slippers that are toasty warm. I have the men's version and they're almost too warm.
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I love my Sorels. Just got my 2nd pair. I had the full foot version before these. They are warm, snuggly, have great arch support, can be worn outside (not the sleekest look but still hold up) and are in my size (also 12!). Ding, ding, ding! Unfortunately they are $70. My first pair lasted 3 years until the woolly bits got yucky. Maybe you can ask someone for an early holiday gift?
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Response by poster: Thanks guys - I ended up picking up an almost-new pair of wicked good moccasins from ebay for $25. They should be here next week, I will update with a warmth report!
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