Opinions on name for a perogy restaurant
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Hey guys so my mom is opening a new lunch spot serving homemade perogies and such, and we're trying to finalize a business name for her.

We're getting a bunch of conflicting opinions, so I figured I'd ask the intelligent folks on here for some opinions. We've narrowed it down to the following:

The People's Perogy (perogy being singular, as in a "sacred" singular perogy for all)

or should we pluralize the perogy and go with The People's Perogies, or we can drop the word "the" completely as well and go with People's Perogy or People's Perogies. Let me know what you guys think :)
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Unless you're talking about something else, isn't it spelled pierogi? And the plural of pierogi is pierogi.
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That Pierogi Place
Pulaski's Pierogi Palace
Pierogis and Beer and Pierogis
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Are you in a location where Pierogi are very common and known by many?
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Response by poster: Yes, definitely! We're in Alberta, Canada. The perogy/pierogi capital of Canada haha. Got a kick out of "That Pierogi Place".. good one! :)
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I like The People's Pierogi. That reminds me of a great place in Portland Oregon called The People's Pig.
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Pierogi Planet
Pierogi Hut
Pierogi Please!
Pierogi Heaven
Babushka's kitchen

But I had a thought... What if she expands beyond pierogi?
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OP, you are not asking for new name suggestions, right? Just choosing between the variations you've presented in your question?

If so, definitely "People's Pierogi." Definitely do "Pierogi," don't try to pluralize it, and don't try to spell it another way or else people will give you lots of grief and assume you aren't authentic (even if that's a wrong assumption). I could go either way on the "The," but I find "The"s leading off restaurant names to sound a bit affected.

Now I freaking want some pierogi!
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I like "the people's" better than just "people's". The former is making a statement. The latter just sounds generic -- it makes me think of a diner.
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I would check in Google to see if searches for pierogi redirect to perogy. I live in Vancouver and most people spell it "perogy" and I think that is how most packaged products are sold in Canada, too. I would pick the spelling people are most likely to use online and in looking it up.
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I disagree with those who are "correcting" the spelling -- if "perogy" is the common spelling in your part of Alberta (and very cursory Googling suggests that it is at least a common spelling, derived from Ukrainian rather than Polish) then it is perfectly appropriate for a restaurant in, well, Alberta.

The People's Perogy sounds good to me!
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Response by poster: I've noticed that a lot, if not most of our friendly neighbours to the south spell it the traditional way, "pierogi", while us Canucks typically use "perogy". Not sure which would be the best option at this point! But you definitely bring up a good point
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Even Lay's Canada spells it Perogy.
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I would definitely go with "The People's Perogy," (and definitely use the regional spelling). It sounds very mildly anachronistic/off-kilter in a way that could read as either "hip" or wholesome depending on how/if you care to brand it.
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I like "The People's Perogy"

and do some cool artwork that spoofs soviet propaganda posters, except instead of the people holding tools or weapons, they are holding forks with perogies on them.
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I think "The People's Perogy" name and a logo that is some iteration of the Polish Eagle would look awesome.

Though I don't know if perogi's are associated with Poland where you are but I grew up in Cleveland, where delicious perogis are considered a Polish-American thing.
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Response by poster: Some great input here guys! Thank you sooo much!

mcmile - perogies are often associated with Ukranian's in these parts, but we're a Polish family so that's of course what we associate them with ;)
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The Pierogi Preogagtive.

(Could also be a Robert Ludlum novel)
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I vote for "The People's Perogy". Although note with 5_13's suggestion that type of iconography is very close to what Perogy Boyz uses for their food truck - although that's only a problem in the Calgary region, obviously.
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I'm with "The People's Perogy," too.
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Response by poster: You guys are all amazing, thank you for taking the time to reply!
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Perogy and Hoagie
The Prodigious Perogy
Prince of Perogy
Perogy Pier
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Another vote for "The Peoples' Perogy."

"People's Perogy," without "The," makes me think of "People's Drug," although I don't even know if you had that in Canada.
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The Polski Perogy
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Yet another vote for "The People's Perogy" and for opening a second location nearer me.
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I go back to Alberta every Christmas - I am praying this is in my hometown. I'll be on the lookout for The People's Perogy, which is also my vote!!
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For everybody who is saying this is a Ukrainian version of the spelling, it's not. Ukies don't use that term, unless they're talking to "English" people who don't know the Ukrainian versions. So to me when I read the title, it screamed Polish to me. If that's what your background is then this delivers that message. I would assume your colours would be some version of red and white, based on your preferred name. (It would be varenyky or pedaheh in Ukrainian, depending if you want to be formal or casual.)
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I'm more familiar with perogy as the spelling (lived in Alberta for 10 yrs) but I wouldn't care how it was spelled, I'd just GO THERE AND EAT THEM ALLLL NOM NOM NOM

Sounds delicious either way, but my vote is for The People's Perogy.
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I would avoid playing up the USSR side of things, especially in a restaurant named for serving a traditionally Polish dish. Parody posters and signage that seems kitsch and fun to people from the West can have an entirely different effect on people from the former Soviet Union who might associate that imagery with some horrible stuff, and I've never met a Polish person who took any pride at all in having been a part of the USSR anyway.

The People's Perogy is a fine name on its own without the other baggage. I also like 'That Perogy Place' because I am a sucker for that gimmick.
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The People's Perogy / Pierogi, please! (And please sell in (R)Edmonton, and please have some gluten-free ones!)
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Response by poster: Thank you again everyone for all of your input! We will most likely be going with our initial thought and the overwhelming majority vote for The People's Perogy. You guys are awesome!
Look out for us in Edmonton in the next 2-3 months in the north west part of the city, just off of St. Albert Tr. It's going to be a nice little fast casual place with a modern industrial feel. The food will be super fresh and delicious, I promise! :) We sincerely hope to see all of you great folks there!
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I would avoid playing up the USSR side of things, especially in a restaurant named for serving a traditionally Polish dish.


It's Alberta, not Chicago. Ukrainian, not Polish.

(Still, though: Yeah. Nix the Soviet shit.)
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Going Perogy.
The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perogy.
Mission Impossible : Perogy Nation.
Perogy Trader.
Kylie Perogy.
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(Perogy Nation actually kind of works)
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Oh, I like Going Pierogi!

I must get Pierogis next time I'm back in Chicago.

Good luck with the restaurant!
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The Pierogi Academy. This is based on a great restaurant in Germany called The Schnitzel Academy.
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Huh, didn't know it was often spelled "perogy" up north. I even have a good friend from Edmonton, and just two weeks ago, we were discussing traditional central/eastern European foods on instant messenger, and he spelled it "pierogi"!

Anyhow, I think you've picked a good name, and if/when I'm back in Edmonton, I look forward to checking your place out!
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