Looking for a good picture book showing the biodiversity of the Earth
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I'm looking for a giant book of life on earth for a kid. A book with real pictures (not drawings) that highlights the biodiversity of the earth. A book with 400+ pages that would have pictures of things like the dragon blood tree, the jewel caterpillar, the banyan tree, the cashew tree, the iridescent sky blue Hoplia coerulea. Not just pigs, zebras, and lions. And not anything framed as "weird!" If there was an updated version of the Illustrated Wildlife Treasury Cards, that would be fantastic and ideal. But I don't see such a thing, so a book will have to do. Any suggestions?
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Best answer: It sounds like you are looking for this book: Natural history: The ultimate visual guide to everything on Earth (DK Publishing, 2010). Lots of pictures, organized by biological taxonomy, and things framed as neat, curious, or unusual, but not weird. Take a look!
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How about

WTF, Evolution ?

A little on the "weird" side you were mentioning, but definitely diverse.
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