Club-style mix of crowd-pleaser dancing songs
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I host parties sometimes and would like to play a mix that my guests will love dancing to. I am looking for an app/service that plays DJ-mixed music similar to what I often hear in dance clubs, i.e.: (1) A mix mainly of pop, hip-hop, R&B, dance, and EDM; (2) Many chart-toppers & crowd pleasers; (3) Mostly recent songs but maybe some old ones too; (4) Song transitions are professionally done (mixed into each other to keep the energy level high, and match in BPM)

Here are some example songs:

- Martin Garrix - Animals
- LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem
- Jason DeRulo - Wiggle
- Maroon 5: This Love
- Calvin Harris - Feel so close
- Kylie Minogue - Can't get you out of my head
- Alesso - heroes
- Eric Prydz - Call on me
- Bruno Mars - Uptown Funk
- Skrillex - Bangarang
- Bingo Players - Rattle

The closest thing I can find is Apple Music's "Dance Pop" station, but this plays songs one by one, rather than mixing them. YouTube has lots of results for "club mix", but these seem to be mainly techno/EDM songs, rather than playing a variety.

Any other suggestions? (Free/paid both OK)
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You can find lots of mix sets to download. Soundcloud for example.

I like the Funky 16 Corners' mixes and the Rub Radio hip hop by year mixes. DJ Jazzy Jeff has hours and hours of great mixes online. Google some contemproary DJs and find their mix sets. Try a guy I know Rahann.
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Mixcloud is also really good for this.
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Have a look at

I particularly like what NTS radio puts out (

A bit more underground but try

Although if people can't dance to this then I don't know what to say:
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Also try "The Hood Internet" — They're on Soundcloud, too. Back at their site, you can download the mixes as either a collection of tracks (will still play seamlessly in iTunes) or as a big ol' mp3 file for the whole hour mix.
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Djay is a pretty fun iOS app to play with. Coupled with a Spotify subscription, it can do all the things you mentioned above (including beat matching).
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SiriusXM radio has stations like this. I let my online subscription lapse but the closest in-car matches are BPM and Utopia. The online only player has Pop Party Mix, Hip Hop Party, and 90s/2k Pop.
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Girl Talk albums play seamlessly across all the tracks and it is a mix old beats and contemporary artists.
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8tracks for all your needs.
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If mashups are your thing, be sure to checkout "Bootie Mashups". They have lots of full-length mixed sets available for download, and some of them are pretty amazing. Sets usually at least 70 minutes long, and you could queue up a couple and people aren't likely to notice one or two breaks in a set that long.
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