Iora, etc. What are the most innovative health care systems worldwide?
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Hey! Looking for examples of really innovative health care systems, that have found new ways to improve patient health, reduce costs, and improve overall patient experiences. Iora is famously innovative. Open Dialogue in Norway is a great example. Others?

Iora uses non-medical-professional health coaches to ensure that patients can and will follow their care plans. Open Dialogue uses a care team to intervene in first-break psychosis, and has reduced schizophrenia rates in Norway significantly.

What else should I know about?
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Keep an eye on the performance of the Affordable Care Organizations (ACOs) included in the ACA -- and in fact the provider-side provisions of the ACA as a whole. No one really knows yet whether any of these things will succeed in improving patient health while reducing costs, because the ACA is so new, but it's pretty innovative as far as these things go. A lot of countries are looking, rightly or wrongly, to see whether they can replicate some of the mechanisms in it.

I'm not saying the ACA is better than single-payer or what have you, just that in many ways, it's a model that hasn't been tried before.
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Ha, yes, thanks for the correction eatcake! Clearly had not had tea yet...
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Check out "Hennepin Health" (sorry, can't link on my phone)
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