What the Hell is a "Bullet Carafe"?
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A friend of mine insists that he's seen what he refers to as a "bullet carafe." Evidently it's a glass carafe with a bullet embedded in the side within a raised circle of glass. Nobody seems to believe him, though a few people have asserted that they think such a thing might possibly exist.

He's mocked ruthlessly for believing in the fabled bullet carafe, mostly because he's variously accused atheists of being scientologists and people from Washington of being Californians. I'd like to either end his suffering or continue to mock him with a clear conscience. Bonus for anyone who can post a picture or provide a link to a purveyor of, er, "bullet carafes."
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The only "bullet carafe" I've seen is one that's shaped like a bullet. I've never heard of one with an actual bullet embedded in it.
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I've certainly seen glass wine carafes with a raised circle of glass on one side, but not with a bullet embedded within it. There is a different product entirely called a bullet carafe, but the name doesn't really seem to have anything to do with literal ammunition.
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I've seen a carafe that looks something like this, but with a small plug of metal (lead?) through the pinch in the center of the medallion on the side. I could see how that might be called a bullet carafe.
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Why does the last link (atlaspartyrental.com) go to microsoft.com?
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It does, doesn't it? How strange. It's got an extra 'http://' presumably through cut and paste error, but that hardly explains it.

This link works, although I can't see any bits of metal in the pic.
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Because the url is malformed. There's an extra http// after the http://, most likely because ottereroticist left out a : in her link and then askmefi prepended a http://

Try this one.
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Because I'm a n00b at using the link-formatter widget. For reasons I'm not paranoid to speculate about, inserting the "http:/" part twice apparently sends you to the Den of the Antichrist.

Here's the link again.
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Thanks, cactus.
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We had one at my house. I always wanted to ask my father whether it had any meaning, but I never did. They had them at this venerable Italian restaurant in my hometown.
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Last weekend while in Philadelphia I visited Carpenter's Hall . I was curious if any of the glass in the windows were original. A gentleman pointed out that glass disintegrates over time, but that one piece of glass from 1774 remains in one of the upper Palladium windows. He pointed it out "bullet" n the middle of it and explained that the original glass would have been handblown and the final sealing off of the glass by the glass blower would resemble the shape of a bullet.
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Don't be paranoid. The reason it goes to microsoft.com is because when firefox is given an invalid URL, it uses it as a search and goes to the first result. It's equivalent to typing "http" into google and hitting "I'm feeling lucky." The fact that microsoft.com is the first hit for "http" is unrelated.
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