Buying property in Skopje, Macedonia
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Hey gang, I am thinking about buying a small apartment in Skopje, Macedonia. I don't know the first thing about Macedonian property transactions, but I need to buy something for family reasons. Can you refer me to trusted advisors who can assist? I need advice on finding the right property, the legal aspects, the negotiation, etc and willing to pay for it. Thanks!
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There are many Macedonian real estate agents online. Which I guess you already know. What level of experience or trustworthiness they possess is difficult to know.

You mention that you have to buy a property for family reasons. Do you have family in Macedonia? Can they help you do the leg work? Find and recommend an agent?

My only real advice would be to travel to Skopje and set up appointments with agents. Prepare a list of traits for your apartment and know your financial limits. Ask for a list of one time fees and recurring fees and taxes.
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