What are some free Sysomos/Social Media Monitoring/Listening tools?
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Hi there, I have a colleague in PR who was used to getting data from Sysomos. He says 'she would love some other tool which will help her quantify engagement around particular news (press releases, financial news, etc)' Other than Hootsuite/Talkwalker I can't think of many others. Any tips? Thank You!
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This used to be a pretty much definitive resource, though I'm a bit out of touch and not sure if it's up to date.

Worth flagging at this point that even commercial tools are pretty limited in terms of what they can cover, and free tools are thinner still. Social listening tools are basically delivering some level of Twitter data (sometimes not even the full firehose), and whatever text based blog; BB etc data they can get from third party aggregators. Great swathes of hugely important sources are missing - Facebook (as of the last few months - only a very few commercial tools can cover it, and only in a very limited way); rich media sources (Pinterest; Instagram etc) are all out of coverage.

This is much of a muchness for all social listening technology - they tend to differentiate on UI, not on source coverage.

That disappointing message sent, check the wiki link above. Social Report is one that springs to mind, that has a freemium model. Might work out. There are several others that do the same thing in the same way.
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