Unusual and Interesting Food Choices for Business Luncheon to Impress?
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Seeking your ideas for interesting, unusual, hip and/or daring food choices in Chicago for a business luncheon on Friday.

I work in Chicago, near the Art Institute (the southeast end of the Loop). One of the attorneys for whom I work has a business gathering of about 10-15 people whom he would like to impress. He is hosting a lunch on Friday at our firm which is centered around local startups, and is in search of interesting, unusual, hip and/or daring food choices. He's not looking to impress via extravagance -- more through the choices themselves -- but could probably spend as much as $50 a head if need be. I'm fairly meat-and-potatoes and don't have any ideas, but would appreciate your thoughts!
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just trying to think differently here - how about sandwiches, coffee, and a statement saying he donated most of the money to useful cause?
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I haven't been there, but the Chicago Athletic Association (on Michigan between Madison & Monroe) just opened a month or two ago, with restaurants by megahip conglomerate Land & Sea Dept. The Cherry Circle Room offers fancy-pants lunch with nice fonts.

Russian Tea Time is fairly unusual but aggressively uncool.
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I think Russian Team Time is so uncool it wraps around to being cool.
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Stephanie Izard's Little Goat Diner does catering, it seems. The diner also has a private event space.

Now I'm kind of curious what the goat chili tastes like.
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What if you got a couple different food trucks to cater?
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Love the food truck idea!

A few more suggestions for trendy + delicious places that will cater:
Hapa Chicago (Filipino/fusion - only does catering/special events currently)
Small's (Filipino-inspired barbecue; does excellent vegetable dishes as well)
Belly Shack (Asian fusion, street-food inspired)
Antique Taco (horchata milkshakes highly recommended!)
Black Dog Gelato (gelato only)
Arbor Projects (farm-to-table/locally sourced concept; haven't actually been here yet, but they are killing it on Instagram)
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