Internetaholic needs help remembering TV show schedules.
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This thread inspired my question: does anyone know of a tivo-like app that can alert me when my favorite shows come on?

I know konfabulator has a widget that will show your favorite CHANNELS, but I'd like something that will look out for my favorite SHOWS (like, when CSI shows up on different channels). The only thing I can liken it to would be tivo - I could not only select my favorite shows, but select my favorite actors, directors, topics, etc.

Oh yeah, and in a perfect world, I'd be alerted via a little popup window by my task bar when a show is coming on in X minutes (because I get a TAD engrossed in my work and don't remember when something comes on until it's either almost over or was on hours ago).

Anyone know something remotely like this? And am I crazy for wanting all this stuff?
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In the UK, we have a great program called Digiguide. I know this probably won't help you, but nonetheless..
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Response by poster: I've found a couple of things. Something called MeeVee lets me create a guide of my favorite shows. This would be perfect, except I don't get alerts when my shows are coming on - and that's the most important thing, I think.

Also something called My TV Info, but it costs $30. Which, if it works, I suppose that isn't bad at all. But I don't watch TV enough as is to make that $30 seem like a worthy purchase.
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AOL and Yahoo will both send you reminders through IM, but setting them up seems clunky.

ScheduleWorld integrates with XMLTV and is free (for now).

Tons more stuff under related projects on the XMLTV home page.
posted by SpookyFish at 5:29 PM on December 10, 2005 can send you a daily list of your favorite shows for that day and the following day. You can also configure it to look for favorite actors and movies. TitanTV is free and registration/configuration is simple.

If you use any kind of calendaring program like Outlook, it would be easy to add Favorites in manually. Unless you watch a lot of TV.

I never use the printed TV listings in my paper anymore; I just keep a tab open for TitanTV. It refreshes/updates automatically.
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