Where can I buy a doorbell featuring the cruise ship dinner chime?
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Can someone buy a doorbell that plays those "chimes" that we hear as the dinner announcement on cruise ships?

As a possible Christmas gift for my mother, I am wondering if doorbells exist that reproduce the dinner chimes heard on cruise ships? I tried some googling, but to no avail.

Are they even properly referred to as chimes? Does that song have a name? Is the tune with which we are familiar (probably from Royal Caribbean, Princess, Sitmar, and / or Carnival) a constant between companies?

And, finally, where would such a thing be available for purchase?
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I have no idea what the song you're talking about is, but presuming you can find out, you could program it into this Musical Doorbell.
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i know what you're talking about, but I don't think you'll be able to find it unless you have someone record it and try to program it into a customizable doorbell.

I don't think it's a song at all. It's just sort've a standard sound that 99% of my cruises have used for announcements (the 1% being a Hawaii cruise in which they used a exotic-sounding drum beat before all their announcements)

I miss that sound! Haven't been on a cruise in a while...
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